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How this artist finds inspiration for her collages - Interview with Keysha Monique Mabra

On the podcast, I met Keysha Monique Mabra an artist who makes collages. I've always wanted to make collages but can never make them look right so I asked her what her process is to create them.

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When you made those then how did you continue? You picked up the newspapers and you were inspired by the words and then how did it progress from there? 

Oh, well I started making bookmarks cause my friend said she wanted bookmarks and I thought well I'm gonna make her a gift so I did that. Then I thought, you know what? I'm going to make a picture out of these words. So I started looking for free publications in grocery stores.

I'll show you this one. 

picture of cutout words from magazines arranged together to make an image
'At Race Capacity' by Keysha Monique Mabra

If you cut out these words and you can cut the colors you start blending them together. You find the different yellows, there's different shades of yellows and there are only so many pieces of a page that are going to work for you in order to make an interesting collage. 

If you take an article that's about tampons for example that men and women are going to appreciate like "comfort is pleasure". Then I'll cut that out. That could have all kinds of meanings. There are only so many pieces that I can cut out of this yellow page. Now I have a page that's purple you know? And then there's different colors on the next page. How can I make a sky or a landscape? 

So I started finding that the colors were limited but if you start shaping if I stop focusing upon the color coordination of all of the words and just focus on the story while making the shape of them like making mountains in the sky and sunset. I don't have to follow the traditional Crayola scale of what a landscape is meant to be like in color I can create my own. 

And then I thought, wow that's true! I can and then that means that I have my own idea about what a piece of art is. It's just creating. It was just creating something using the resources that I had that might be interesting for others to look at. Noticeable and recognizable imagery as well as sending a beautiful message of inspirational hope for positive change. 

Most of my pieces are recovery driven. So hiking around the lakeshore path the tampon text looked better so I've used a few of those. They're all cut from different articles making a statement that allows people to make sense of it as they want to. The collage stirs thought visually. 

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