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Tom Ray's Art Podcast

Each episode I meet artists and creators from beginners, hobbyists and professionals. We talk about how they create, promote themselves and in the meantime still manage their own well-being.

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A blog about my daily life since I decided to sell collectibles and pop-culture items I collect on eBay to help support my art career instead of taking on freelance work.

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This cost me $300? Thrifting Day Trip - Tom Ray's Day 210723

My weekend adventure looking for vintage and pop-culture stuff to collect On the weekends I go to estate sales to find vintage and retro things to sell online .  Sometimes I end up traveling to other towns to do this.  This time I spend over $200 bucks on a haul before even leaving town. Then I travel an hour and a half away and find some of the coolest vintage toys, illustrated books and games for my collection.  I also tell some stories about a guy that got upset that I took all the illustrated children's books. ( Related post: I'm bummed I sold this vintage illustrated book - Tom Ray's Day ) From the video Started out at a sale in a house out in the suburbs I did not expect to clean out a whole closet full of books. Still needed to travel to the place we were actually planning to go to in the first place that was in a town we couldn't remember the name of an hour and a half away.  An hour and a half later... The place only opens like one weekend a month. It used to

Just leaving.

I was wondering why he kept looking at me strangely.


I've been meaning to make these loops for a while. Finally decided I should do it.

Kids supplies.

It's stupid but I like to wrap the things people buy from me for some reason.

Craig Snodgrass: Sci-Fi Artist and Robot Art Toys - Tom Ray's Art Podcast 210718

Craig Snodgrass is a painter, graphic designer in Staunton VA, but a few years ago, Craig decided to break into the designer toy world with his own Kickstarter-backed action figure, DUP-1, or "Duppy". Now he makes what he calls SnodBOTs and in addition started a subscription service of his creations called the Bot of the Month Subscription Box.

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