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T.L. Luke: Illustrator & Selling Prints - S06E09 Tom Ray's Art Podcast

T.L. Luke is an artist here in Madison, Fascinated with the potential that children’s picture books have on the development of a child’s creativity, Luke explores this concept via dark and whimsical subjects with the adult viewer in mind. I got the chance to sit down and talk at T.L's home/studio and learn more!

Tom Ray's Art Podcast


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I'm just sayin'

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I'm just sayin'


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Oh right.

It was.

Flat tire.

My tires have been bald for a while. I assume that they finally wore through and caused it.

Cold air smell.

I've noticed that smell when people come out of the cold since I was a kid. What the heck is that?

How I made my intro video & more eBay collectibles sold! - Tom Ray's Day 200404

Some behind the scenes footage of how I made the intro for my videos. Then segments from a live Facebook stream about pop-culture collectibles I sold to my podcast supporters on my eBay page!

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