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Lindsay Kovnat: Animation, Illustration & Man Man Music Video - S06E12 Tom Ray's Art Podcast

Linsay Kovnat is an artist I reached out to online because of an animated video I saw she made years ago for the band Man Man. She's been living in New York and we talk about how she ended up creating this video and winning a Nicktoons award for it. Lindsay has also recently been working on a children's book.

Tom Ray's Art Podcast


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Paint run.

A few years ago scheduling MRI's would consume our whole day. Now we were happy that we could just do something to help other people in some way. Even if it was just driving to get the paint they needed. And we did make it back in time for for Merijoy's appointment.

The artwork of Ralph Heimdahl & William Lorencz - Bugs Bunny's Space Carrot Book from 1977

I love to collect old illustrated books from garage sales and resale shops! The best part is having a library of different illustration artwork to look at for inspiration when I'm drawing something. 
Here are some pictures from a book called Bugs Bunny's Space Carrot from 1977. It features artwork by Ralph Heimdahl and William Lorencz.
Check out all of the Illustrated books I have available in my eBay store.

Ralph Heimdahl was one of the most versatile artists of the 'Bugs Bunny' daily strip. He started illustrating the daily from its start in 1948. Heimdahl drew 'Bugs Bunny' until the 1970s. He also worked on the classic animated films 'Snow White' (1937) and 'Fantasia' (1940).
He created the British version of the 'Yogi Bear' comic in the 1960s, based on the Hanna-Barbera character of the same name.

William Lorencz who was a background Stylist who worked in the business for over forty years at most of the studios that existed during that fo…

No show.

I'm thinking they forgot again. I just feel bad because they already paid.

What do I do if don't have the right size box? Make my own! - Tom Ray's Day 200601

I pack up some of the pop-culture items I sold on eBay to send them out then I realize I don't have the right box for an album box set from the 60s. Watch how I make my own box to fit the size of this thing. Also, an Elvis puzzle and I draw my own game piece. 
Then I speed draw my daily webcomic. 
More pop-culture items from the 50s - 90s in my eBay store -
Check out the other things I do too! :) Tom Ray's Art Podcast (interviews with artists) on Spotify - comic on Tapas - graphic novel "Then This Happened..." (Year One) - graphic novel "Then This Happened..." (Year Two) - in this video by my band Lorenzo's Music on Spotify -


I'm sure they'll see what went wrong there.