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Got a mystery bag of weird stuffed items - Tom Ray's Day 200916

After shipping out some of the vintage and pop-culture items I sold today, I pick up a mystery bag of stuffed animals I won from an online auction. See what surprising stuff I ended up getting!

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Each episode I meet artists and creators from beginners, hobbyists and professionals. We talk about how they create, promote themselves and in the meantime still manage their own well-being.

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A blog about my daily life since I decided to sell collectibles and pop-culture items I collect on eBay to help support my art career instead of taking on freelance work.

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I'm just sayin'


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Live thing tomorrow.

I just really miss playing. Gonna stream me playing my parts along with the band's backing tracks. It's what I would be doing if they were there right? Check it out at Saturday night.

Closed the shades.

Wish I would have thought of that during the first three I have recorded.

Two more months.

Or maybe new years they said we could get back in the train too so I don't even know.

Squirrel attack.

I spent the rest of the bike ride laughing about the weird faces I made while it happened.

Planning a music live stream.

Could be fun or it could go horribly wrong. Either way, I have the stream scheduled on my bands YouTube channel

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I'm just sayin'