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I've been doing some music improvisation

I've been doing some live music improvisation with my band Lorenzo's Music on our Twitch channel . We have been trying out different ideas on live streams to see what inspires us. What if we Rumble fished? (YouTube Short clip) This clip here is a YouTube Short from one of our sessions. ( View the full video here - GOOFIN' LIVE: RUMBLE FISH STYLE - LIVE STREAM CLIP ) When we turned on the cameras for this live stream session I said I wanted to try and play something that sounds like it's the soundtrack for the 1980s movie " Rumble Fish " by Stewart Copeland and Stan Ridgway . So that's what we tried to do. 🙂 Songwriting live as an experiment The band has been looking for some musical inspiration and I thought what if we forced ourselves to try and think of things while people are watching.  No prep, no thinking about what to play beforehand. All we do is turn on the camera and throw out an idea to try musically. No overthinking what to do just first th

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Each episode I meet artists and creators from beginners, hobbyists and professionals. We talk about how they create, promote themselves and in the meantime still manage their own well-being.

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A blog about my daily life since I decided to sell collectibles and pop-culture items I collect on eBay to help support my art career instead of taking on freelance work.

Get tips from artists on my podcast

Learn the behind-the-scenes strategies from artists
out there doing what they love!


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Once I was about halfway through it felt less awkward.

License plate.

I never noticed the license plate before so why is it affecting me now?

Smoke alarms.

It was maddening.

Travel planning.

I feel like once we finally get this sorted out it will be less frustrating.

cold air.

Still waiting for it to possibly change back.

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Get tips from artists on my podcast

Learn the behind-the-scenes strategies from artists out there doing what they love!

I'm just sayin'