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Band practice technicalities.

We still record stuff on our own and share it I just miss being able to practice with the guys in the band. 

How I List Things & Take Photos - Tom Ray's Day 200430

Check out my eBay store -   I auction vintage toys online and when those auctions end and the items don't sell I have to go through and repost them. Here is a look at that process and how I take pictures with Google Photos.  I mention an episode of my Tom Ray's Pop-Culture Roadshow about the vintage toy Krazy Ikes. You can view that episode here -   My Band Lorenzo's Music on Spotify -   My Art Podcast: Tom Ray's Art Podcast on Spotify -   Daily comic on Tapas -

Dead fish.

It wasn't as bad as the birds and squirrels we saw the other day at least.

Battery power.

Looks like I'm going to exchange it for another model. So my new laptop journey continues.

Relisting eBay Items, A Few Finds & An Update on the Train Car - Tom Ray's Day 200428

Check out my eBay store - I talk about how even though we have an intern helping list stuff his camera isn't that good so we go through and update images on eBay auctions that ended. I mention an episode of my Tom Ray's Pop-Culture Roadshow about Whitman Publishing in Racine, WI you can view that episode here - Plus, we stop by our train car to get an update on the status of construction that has kept us out for almost a year now! - Tom Ray's Art Podcast on Spotify - - Daily comic on Tapas -

New laptop take 2.

It's got 64gb of ram so this one should be fast enough now. I get my Ubuntu Linux laptops from the folks over at System 76 .

Lights roulette.

It's like the dumbest game of chance ever. 

Lindsay Kovnat: Animation, Illustration & Man Man Music Video - S06E12 Tom Ray's Art Podcast

Linsay Kovnat is an artist I reached out to online because of an animated video I saw she made years ago for the band Man Man. She's been living in New York and we talk about how she ended up creating this video and winning a Nicktoons award for it. Lindsay has also recently been working on a children's book.

Animal in the neighborhood.

It's a strange feeling to try and not step on random animal parts on the sidewalk.

This Man Man Music Video Led Me Down A Rabbit Hole To This Artist

For one of my Tom Ray's Art Podcasts , I ended up meeting a person just because I was searching for something else online. It was all just a simple web search for a song from 2006 by the band Man Man .  After looking for it I didn't realize that they had released an animated video for the song Engrish Bwudd . I was curious who did the video and found out it was an artist named Lindsay Kovnat . She also won a Nicktoons award for the video when it was released back in 2006. It's not uncommon for me to just send emails to people that I'd like to talk to. Matter of fact for every email that I do get a response to I've probably sent out 10 or 20 more to people I know I'll never hear back from. People who I have no business emailing but you never know so I always give it a try. That's why I thought it was really cool that Lindsay was happy to talk with me more about what led up to this crazy video for this crazy band and this crazy song.

I was feeling ok.

I don't disagree I just hadn't got on to the street yet.

How I Edit My Podcast Pt. 2 - Tom Ray's Day 200424

Part 2 of How I Edit My Podcast. You can watch Part 1 here . As I go about my day waiting for a video conference call I read comics, post some of my collectibles for sale on my eBay store .  Then I decided to show what I do with the podcast audio from the previous video to get it ready to post on the site.  I make artwork using Google Keep   And I render a video file from the audio using an app called Headliner The episode of the podcast I'm editing in the video is with artist  Jenie Gao  -   Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos -


Of course it did.

Driving day.

It was at a farmhouse. We drove up, they brought it to the car and we drove home.

Break light.

I didn't want the few times I do drive around to end up with someone rear-ending me.

Blending together.

We're still going to bed around the same time. Just seem to be finding ourselves not wanting to get up as easily.

Back on the tracks.

There's still no electricity in it yet but we're able to get inside again which is cool.

Tom Ray's Pop-Culture Roadshow April 20, 2020

Another episode of my Pop-Culture Roadshow, where I look at toys that I've collected and try to find out a little history or interesting facts about them.

Mike Lroy: Murals, Spray Paint & Digital Media - S06E11 Tom Ray's Art Podcast

Mike Lroy is an artist living in the Madison area. I had seen his work and was very intrigued by what he was doing on his Instagram . What he was doing there seemed surreal compared to the mural and other artwork he had created around town. I reached out and got to meet him one afternoon at the coffee shop right outside of my train car on West Washington Ave.

Burning things.

That's the whole point of having a fireplace so I wouldn't have to go camping to have a fire. 

Internet radio.

I'm sure I'll try doing it again in a few weeks.

Dracula towel.

Normally I wouldn't think twice about it. But since we haven't left the house for a month now, where did this come from?

Ordered a new laptop.

I don't know if they upped their customer service game or if it's because of the whole pandemic thing affecting sales. Either way, it was a nice touch.

How I Edit My Podcast Pt. 1 - Tom Ray's Day 200415

I did a live stream from my Facebook page recently showing how I edit audio together for an episode of my Tom Ray's Art Podcast by splitting up the interview into segments and adding music cues. Plus a brief look at how I draw words on my cover art using the Google Keep app. The episode of the podcast I'm editing in the video is with artist Jenie Gao -   The audio editing software I use is called Ardour - Watch how I create the artwork and turn the audio into a video in part 2 -

Song idea.

I've been keeping my midi keyboard set up next to me, that helps.

Ship to Germany.

I was so confused at first.

How I Package & Ship Vintage Glasses for eBay - Tom Ray's Day 200413

Visit my eBay Store - When I started out selling on eBay I had to learn the hard way how to package glasses and fragile items to ship them. Then I discovered this method and haven't had a problem since! Listen to Tom Ray's Art Podcast -   Follow my comic blog on Tapas -

The life.

So different!

Mandy Kron: Curator, Artist & Skull Enthusiast - S06E10 Tom Ray's Art Podcast

Mandy Kron is an artist in Madison who is also a curator for the UW Health clinic. Mandy creates prints and multi-media artwork that include found objects like seashells and skulls that I find out she gets on Craigslist!

Not enough computer memory.

I knew I shouldn't have rushed into it. 

Computer memory.

Since I can't test out different methods to fix it right now because of all that's happening I got a new computer. Which I'm happy about, but hate that I had to spend the money.

Hail or sleet.

It didn't matter who was right anyway. The outcome still sucked.

Printer scare.

Later my car brakes started making a noise.

Ricky Boom Boom.

Or Borden's Elsie Moo Moo Cow.

Breakable eBay Items, Books & A Facebook Live Musical Interlude - Tom Ray's Day 200407

Check out my eBay store - In this video, I show a few of the retro and collectible items I sold in my eBay store. Then I show a clip from my band Lorenzo's Music playing a live stream performance. Plus drawing my daily comic diary. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more!

Oh right.

It was.

Flat tire.

My tires have been bald for a while. I assume that they finally wore through and caused it.

T.L. Luke: Illustrator & Selling Prints - S06E09 Tom Ray's Art Podcast

T.L. Luke is an artist here in Madison, Fascinated with the potential that children’s picture books have on the development of a child’s creativity, Luke explores this concept via dark and whimsical subjects with the adult viewer in mind. I got the chance to sit down and talk at T.L's home/studio and learn more!

Cold air smell.

I've noticed that smell when people come out of the cold since I was a kid. What the heck is that?

How I made my intro video & more eBay collectibles sold! - Tom Ray's Day 200404

Some behind the scenes footage of how I made the intro for my videos. Then segments from a live Facebook stream about pop-culture collectibles I sold to my podcast supporters on my eBay page ! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel - Check out my eBay store - Listen to my art podcast on Spotify: Tom Ray's Art Podcast - Here are pictures of some of the things that sold Vintage Doctor Who Book Vintage Pig Mania Game from the 70's Sir Lancelot Sonic Action Figure Sonic Tails Figure Metal Sonic Action Figure Check out my eBay store -

Scheduling and postal mishaps.

I looked and it kinda seems like you can send records that way. Gonna try it and if they charge me more than so be it. 

Smurf thought.

Being together days at a time now we just started thinking out loud. It can't all be profound.

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