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MRI results

The surgery day is getting closer.

Blood draw

I kinda hate that we've gone to the doctor so much in the past month that we've gotten this comfortable with it. Still what's up with the song dancing on the ceiling?


At first, I thought I knew how to do it myself and almost blew up the speakers. Then I realized I could just look it up online.  Duh.  Thanks, internet!


It's not often that you find yourself driving directly into a marathon. Aside from the random traffic cones, there was nothing that even warned us.



It feels like we do all the talking sometimes. This is a quick one that I drew in my sketchbook so it’s pretty loose.


She wasn’t even freaked out about going for the MRI. But afterward, she said gets why people don’t like them.



Anyone who knows me is aware that this is what I would say. My wife knows to just play along.


I can’t believe it’s the end of May and I had to wear gloves again. Because… Wisconsin

Parking garage

First of all, why wouldn’t he use headphones?

The race


Sometimes it hits her from out of nowhere.

Superhero glass

The Batman one didn't break because he’s too badass!

Ad campaign

I was lucky that I checked it. Set it up before my wife was diagnosed.

Stack of boxes

Although I do agree it’s weird, I picture a whole hoarder type situation in there. I think she just ran out of room.

Not a competition


I forgot to mention that she named it Fred.

Good day


That was a weird thing to say, right? Still, it was funny. It’s nice to have levity sometimes.


They just walked in. Why did they have keys?


Sometimes I quickly draw the comic on a piece of paper or whatever is around and just take a picture of it. This is one of those times.


My feet hurt

My skin and my feet become uncomfortable in doctors offices.

Mother's day card

My family doesn’t really do heartfelt cards.

Galaxy Tab

Was going to get a 2 in 1 but went for the straight up tablet for the price.


Pink mohawk

Dirt bike

It had mag wheels like the one I had in grade school when we used to ride around on the bike trails behind dream lanes.


My Stupid Desk

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