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Automatic doors.

We just stood there contemplating what was going on for a second.

SmereTactics: Woodcuts Are The Storybook - S05E03

Sara Meredith and I have actually tried to set up an interview several times in the past year. I don’t know why we kept having trouble doing that.  But we finally were able to sit down and talk . She goes by the name SmereTactics  and is a Madison-based relief printmaker and teacher. Her black and white woodcut prints have a bold visceral quality while the overlapping subject matter offers a nuanced perspective and layers of meaning. Listen to the episode: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify Visit Sara's website at Music for this podcast is by Lorenzo's Music - Spotify , Apple Music

Forgot my wallet.

I have almost never forgotten my wallet.

New coat of paint in the train car.

I thought it would be ready by August. But that's alright for now. Just anxious.


Just seems like it's more work to me.

Long time friend.

I know it's probably a bad thing to say but I'm not gonna lie about it.

I tell ya.

The power is still off at the train car but the painting is coming along. So something is moving forward.

Mind games.

Like I always say I'm gonna keep trying new things anyway. It's just nice when they work out. And seriously, there are so many turkeys living around where I work it's not even interesting anymore. They may as well be robins at this point.


Got it eventually.

Scott Pyburn: Joining Comic-Cons and Zine Fests - S05E02

Scott Pyburn emailed me after he discovered the podcast . He is also someone like me who decided he wanted to get back into drawing and creating again and told me that he was going to be touring with a Comic-Con and one of the stops was going to be right here in Madison. The day the Comic-Con rolled through town I decided to head on over to meet Scott and check out the artwork at his booth. Plus, I also talk about how I participate in my first Zine Fest! Listen to the podcast: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify Show Links Scott's website Scott Pyburn on Instagram  @scottpyburn Music for the podcast by Lorenzo's Music


We were at one last week where they were talking about the same thing. I wonder if it's even the same people?

Half empty.

One of the downfalls of planning ahead I've never really thought about.


My band Lorenzo's Music hasn't played a show in about a year. It's the first one with the new line up and music from the new album .

It's the middle of June!

It's the middle of June!


Hopefully, we can at least start painting the inside of the train car tomorrow.


The obsession dies down eventually after the first couple of days. You can check out the first episode of season 5 of my art podcast here -

Coffee thief.

I ordered it to go and someone walked in and swiped it? I've never had that happen before.

The Artistry Studio & Mississippi Mayhem: Art, Trains and Online Carts - S05E01

In this season of the podcast, I decided to try and start my own business. It's going to be a multimedia podcast studio and retail space. And I'm doing it in an old 1930's train car! One of the things I need to figure out is what I'm going to sell and what online shopping cart I want to use. So I meet with two artists here in Madison, WI to talk about the different cart options out there and ask why they are in the process of leaving Etsy? Listen to the show: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify Show Links Kaylin Deackman, The Artistry Studio - Heather Leanne, Mississippi Mayhem - Instagram @heatherleanne Music for the podcast by Lorenzo's Music

It's a saturday.

We actually did have a really good brainstorming session though.


I'm pretty excited about the new season of the podcast that's starting. Getting in this zine was a nice bonus!

Said something.

We still have to deal with some of the emotional trauma from the past few years.

Online cart.

That would have sucked.

Baby jacket.

I couldn't get the jacket to fit in case you were wondering.

Fridge light.

He's alone in our house while we're at work, I don't know why we were both surprised he cleaned it up?

Old plane.

No. We did not take a ride on the plane.

UW swap.

I realized I could create a buy and sell group and share all the things I listed for sale to it.


I don't know if it was an accident or if she just didn't care?


And why does it always seem like they are trying to fly into my eyes?


When I got back in my car later it still smelled.

More messages.

I'm feeling much better about this show today. Now that I say that I hope I didn't jinx it.


Most of the bands already have things going on around the same time. So it's got me motivated alright.


It was at least a mile in either direction before the nearest road.


Sometimes nostalgia just reminds you why things happened in the first place.

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