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Close biker.

It was really unnerving how close he remained behind me.

Temporary space.

Now we keep going back and forth about if it is a good idea or not to use a temporary space as an option.

RV hunting and a slap.

Truthfully, I was still so psyched about the possibility of this alternate place that what happened didn't even phase me and we just kept walking and talking about what we wanted to do there.


It's like talking to one of the real housewives of Beverly Hills.


And it was only gently tapping at the tree. At first I thought it was something falling down the branches.

Open mic.

It was hard for her not to think of it like when we go see a band play a show.


It kinda was.

Pop Culture Toys Roadshow Sept 24, 2019 - American Bandito

Alright so... Here is another video in my Pop-Culture Toys Roadshow type thing that I've been doing, where I go through the collectibles I've acquired over time. YouTube Channel eBay Store A great way to live... A tragic way to die by Earl Nightingale So I got this album it's called "A great way to live..." by Earl Nightingale. But it's also "A tragic way to die." It is a spoken word album, this man Earl Nightingale is talking about the perils of driving. It's supposed to be instructional. But here’s the thing, it comes with a quiz book that has pictures of horrible car accidents in it. The entire album is Earl Nightingale talking and at first, it's kind of like, you know, driving is one of the easiest ways to get hurt and you need to be careful, etc... Then about halfway through the album, he kind of starts going off on a rant. He starts saying things lik

Zune shirt.

I don't even really remember what the two things were that made me deem the shirt as bad luck anymore.


I don't know why standing there perfectly still made me feel like I was going to fall.


I think it was just her way of making small talk? I don't think my signature is anything special?

Estate sale.

The whole process of going into somebody's house and just looking at all their stuff is still a weird feeling.

Big Johnson shirts.

I was waiting to meet someone and that's where my mind wandered to. These are the shirts I was remembering by the way

Sale bin.

I'm not gonna pay that much for an idea I'm not sure is going to work yet. If it does work I'll let you know.


I seem like I'm mocking her but I keep involuntarily responding loudly and then in whispers to her voice. Also searching the word laryngitis online is kinda gross.


Although I just realized that I refunded the shipping cost too which I probably didn't need to do. Oh well, live and learn.


I kept trying to weigh the pros and cons of doing that in my head.

John Sanford: From Animation To Webcomics - S05E14 American Bandito Podcast

John Sanford is an animator from California who has made cartoons working for  Warner Bros. Animation, Walt Disney Television Animation, DreamWorks Animation & Pixar . And during that time he created a webcomic called Chippy and Loopus. As we talk on facebook messenger he tells me he decided he wanted to try and turn his webcomic into a tv show! Listen to the episode: Available on Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify ➜ Check out Chippy and Loopus at ➜ Music for the show by Lorenzo's Music

Lake Mills.

That's twice now I've gone to one of the surrounding towns and thought to myself, I'd love to hang out here more.

My Train Wheels Moved? | From the Train 190913

I was able to actually get some information on what was happening with the Train today. Alright, so I've said in the comic that it's fully tilted up and it is. And I noticed today if you look over at the back that's where the wheels used to be. So I'm like... I stop by today and I'm talking to the guy and I'm like, How? What happened? How is... they're in the middle now? I guess they can slide the wheels on it? So I guess what they can do is they tilted it up on pistons and they've got... Like a beam? I don't know. They got something propping it up and they were able to slide the wheels over. I didn't know you could do that on a train. So that was kind of interesting. They're digging under it. And over by the back, they are digging. So they had to take even more track away which is why they had to move the wheels. So now I really can't go in there there's track missing and it's at an incline. So that was interesting.

More digging.

Now they think it's going to take even longer to finish.


It really was free, I was not expecting that. It did seem to take forever though.


It was kinda creepy but nice at the same time.

It moved.

I probably wasn't supposed to go in there but hey, they finally moved it!


Sometimes there are nights when it just seems like we're being politely quiet and it can be unnerving.

Hot pot.

At one point the waiter brought me a fork instead of my chopsticks which I thought was pretty funny.

Vicki Liu: Painting pets, traditional to digital. S05E13 American Bandito Podcast

I recently posted about how we had to say good-bye to our family dog spike in my daily comic . And Vicki Liu, an artist that I follow on Instagram reached out to me and did one of the nicest things ever. She painted a portrait of our dog and gave it to me. Listen to the episode: Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify ➜ You can visit Vicki's website and check out her work at ➜ Music is by Lorenzo's Music Here is a picture of the painting she did of Spike. 😭


So we went to it but we still have no idea if we were supposed to be in it?

So close.

Still hoping that they'll be done with what they're doing outside by the end of the month.

Oops. I think I just sold a rare Spider-Man poster for $5

This is a thing I discovered a little too late on a Spider-man item I recently sold online. I was at a garage sale the other day, there were like laminated cutouts from newspapers being sold and one of them I got was this gigantic spider-man color ad from the '80s. It's laminated and it says "Frankly, I'd rather have an apple." Eat fruit. Eat smart. I posted it online and sold it for five bucks. THEN I started looking up exactly what this poster was. It's from a commercial ad campaign for the spider-man animated series that was in the 80s. They tried to get kids to eat smart obviously, it's in the name of the stupid thing. Each commercial would be like: Spider-man saves the city in some way shape or form and then at the end the mayor would try to give him some sort of reward and Spiderman would say "Frankly, I just want an apple." There were a few different scenarios and different fruit. Then he would fly away and tell everybo


My thing didn't seem as major after that.

Cassette tape.

It was a recording that my friends and I were obsessed with titled "Doin' it again" by this dude in high school in a metal band.

Greatest American Hero.

Then I realized they probably got it from a regular store because it was in the 80s.


We were just going to get coffee and kept walking to other places. I still think I'm just missing some small thing that can make the projects better.

Window painting.

We had talked about going there the day before.

Margaret Dent: Animal Portraits and Jewelry - S05E12 American Bandito Podcast

Margaret Dent is another person who contacted me from the American Bandito mailing list . Margaret is an artist in Canada who creates several things, including jewelry and portraits. But her favorite type of portraits to work on are of animals, especially horses. Listen to the episode: Listen to the episode on  Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify ➜ You can visit Margaret's website and check out her work at ➜ Music is by Lorenzo's Music

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