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House store.

Looking at the place made me think using a house would be a great store idea. Curious what it takes to do that?


We walked all over the downtown area and couldn't seem to find anything to do during the day. And even in a section called "Music Row".


And there are ashtrays at the tables which I haven't seen in forever.

Going to Nashville.

Felt like we drove way longer. Maybe it's because it gets dark so early now.

Korshak Collection.

It was cool to see stuff like that all done on illustration boards dating back so long ago.

Drunk kids.

Hey, it's not my kid. It's funny how they used to be afraid of us.

80% better.

It was about 80% better than the past times I tried.


Up until that point, I felt bad I didn't say "Hi" to the person when we were standing in the elevator.

Vet followup.

Oh, and it was my birthday today.

Odd jobs.

It didn't matter, I still wasn't going to do it.


Kinda where my head is at right now.


She felt so comfortable with it on she didn't remember it was there.


They said to her it would heal like a sunburn, but as it is right now it looks more like a third degree burn.

I'm gonna.

But we didn't.


Ugh. I got antsy and don't think I let the emulsion dry all the way.

Benign Positional Vertigo.

It's just soo stupid. The cure is literally "shake it off".


Maybe it's a middle ear infection? It's like doing a cartwheel half way and then restarts over and over.


Got dizzy again today too. Thought this would help that too but it didn't.


I think I just had some pent up stuff going on in my head.


It seems like this happens around the same time every year.

Last day of radiation.

We did it. I remember May 1st because it was the day it became real , the day we found out. And now I will remember November 10th, the day we got through it.

Holiday display.

It was too obvious not to be on purpose. And what do pictures of dogs have to do with the holidays anyway?


We couldn't find a way to reset it. I know I can't relate to the pain she goes through but it just seemed that a fight was going to happen if we wanted it to or not.


Reminds me of when I used to work as a dishwasher.

Daylight savings.

It's like the underneath from Stranger Things out there.


I'm pretty sure my friend's old house smelled the same back then as our sons did. I don't recall.

Bad connection.

We both knew it was a bad connection but you could tell both of us felt like it was kind of the other one's fault directly.

Corner dancer.

On more than one occasion we've seen this guy down at the corner dancing his heart out in front of traffic. He does it for 5 minutes then leaves.


Seriously though, reading the review surprised me because I just assume people don't really care about what I'm doing. I drew about going to the interview in a previous comic . Check out the full story at the


I know we were lost the first day. They have a security elevator with no buttons inside. It can trap you in there.

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