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Food for all.

It was nice not to get ready in the dark or be quiet while getting ready.

No run.

I never thought about if the rain effected the food cart business. Makes sense now that i think about it.


We're pretty sure we were sitting right next to each other when we both got the idea.

Shaved head.

Merijoy could tell something was going on in my head. I had a 4 day weekend and felt like it got away from me.

Stop motion.

I was happy with the collaboration. It was with Gavin Folgert . You can check out the animation here - View animation


Dexter has had a mohawk for years but oddly enough we can't picture him with a shaved head.


I usually bike in shorts just shorts for exercise. Haven't done it for transportation in a while.


I was just thinking about what happened last night and then boom! Super aggressive flies all over the car.

Two things.

She told her no and didn't know if she should be flattered or terrified that she asked.


I didn't like thinking about it again. Threw my whole day off.

Power through.

Seriously, I have no idea what they are cooking in the kitchen at work but if I can survive she can too.


We were curious how he figured out it was suspended. He said a cop told him after pulling him over for speeding.


After going through what was a very heavy situation it was interesting to go right to a public event. I think interacting with people broke the awkward feeling that comes afterwards. In a good way.


Neither of us knew what to do.


I wish that it would have come up in a different way. I didn't like that I did that.

Group effort.

The whole process with them involved was pretty entertaining. It was like working with the Three Stooges.

Aww man.

We could have met the day we first spoke but I wasn't available. I blame myself

Boiling point.

I think we just needed to get some feelings out in the open again.

Mother's day.

My mom told me she was out seeing a movie.


We both got to explore things we were interested in today.


I don't really like silence. Or mood lighting now that I think of it.


I've driven by it a hundred times going to work and I still look at it each time.

Trying to figure it out.

Tech support.

I didn't really feel like getting life advice from an IT guy.


Thinking about something I'm making and being upset tend to come across the same way I guess.

Say what.

My response was just, "Okay?"


He's always been able to tell that it's me.


The shirts were for our son Dexter's band. They have an album release show this weekend. Turns out my squeegee technique was lacking for multiple prints. Good to know.

Dual purpose.

She's been there two days now and just uncovered it from the pile of papers.


Imagine the band Cinderella playing "Don't know what you got (Till it's gone)" in the background. Tragic.


I also didn't believe him at first, thought it was just someone trying to get into the building.

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