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Showing posts from December, 2019

Old magazine article.

One of the few times not throwing things away worked in my favor.

Richard Nixon bill.

I was kind of mesmerized watching her try to peel it off.

More digging next to the train.

We need to have another check-in with them soon to see what's going on there.

Bus home.

Sometimes I just admire people who don't care what others think.


I'm actually more impressed then freaked out by it.

Talking to myself.

Then I think to myself "ok stop now".

American Bandito Pop-Culture Roadshow for Dec 23, 2019

Last minute shopping.

It actually kind of seemed like a typical day.

Still testing animation programs.

I know switching to a new program will be better in the long run. Just seems like wasting time while I learn to use it.

Hoarder house.

The inside of this house was very out of place for the area and I kind of started to feel like it might have been a crime scene.

Animation videos.

I'm thinking of switching from using Flash for making animated cartoons to using Blender to do it.

School adviser.

Also, I had the song baby shark in my head the whole time. Not sure why.

They took a coat.

I'm more happy about learning what they broke into the car for now.

Glove box.

Then I spent the rest of the day wondering what the point of just going through the glove box was all about?


That happened like five more times after that. 

A conversation.

I wasn't quite sure what to make of the whole thing.

Backroom argument.

I kinda wanted to know what it was all about though too.


Even more surprising was that all the original members were still alive given the reputation they had.

Santa Fe.

I've always been bad at knowing where the states are. But I really, really am tired of winters.

Old co-worker.

Found out he's actually got a web developer job working from home now.

Life insurance.

The people at the life insurance place try to talk to you really cheerfully when they ask you the questions.

Smushy pumpkins.

They were all over the place though.

Metal house.

And then I dated this girl that moved in next door to him too.


And then I spend the next few moments wondering what happened that felt like a buzz.

Two year doctor visit.

I did notice that my feet don't get uncomfortable now when I visit the doctor so that's progress I guess.

Billy on the street.

Sometimes I think about doing it when I walk down the street too.

After thoughts.

I go over the interview in my head afterward and that's when all this stuff comes up


And I think later on they actually moved to Califonia together if I remember correctly.


After I noticed I kept catching myself doing it and now I'm kind of annoyed by it.

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