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Places to do.

In the past it would have been we can do one or the other. Go out of town or go to an event, not both.


I was on the #OO show with Ryno the bearded . It was really fun. I wish I knew more podcasters I could talk with. 

Old newspaper ads.

It's funny because those old ads were probably such an annoyance at the time. It's the same with old commercial jingles I hear when I listen to old-time radio programs.

The book that inspired artist Red Fracture to make art full-time

After talking to Sean Chapple on the podcast  aka Red Fracture, a guy who recently quit his day job to give being a full-time artist a try, he recommended the book You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero . Before I got the book I looked up some interviews she had done to see what to expect. Here is what I found. From Business Insider she talks about her journey from a freelance writer living in a converted garage to New York Times-bestselling author. changing your money mindset, getting clear on your financial goals, and stepping outside your comfort zone are all key to building the financial life you want. she finally decided to get serious about her financial situation, especially the way she thought about money and the way she dealt with it on a daily basis. this book is mostly about mastering your money mindset setting financial goals means getting clear on why you want the money, what you intend to spend it on, and how great it will feel once you finally ha

Chip and Dale.

Ch-ch-ch Chip and Dale! Rescue rangers! I have two Chip and Dale dolls I found. 

Jittery effect.

When I get stuck on ideas like this I can't figure out I pretty much just walk around thinking about it all day.

Bubble wrap.

I ended up having a good talk with the friend I met up with. He makes podcasts too on the show called Corner Table . It was nice to talk shop with someone else about it. 

Honky Tonk Man.

I was surprised I remembered his name instantly when I saw it.

Red Fracture: Airbrush and game design S06E03 American Bandito Podcast

Sean Chappell decided to try and give being a full-time artist a go. Sean created his own brand called Red Fracture and dedicated his time to creating his own work as products. He's also been going through the Shopify training course to get advice and help to learn how to do it.

Table next to us.

Don't judge a conversation by its inflection I guess.

Pocket charm.

I was kinda bummed that I lost it. It's fallen out of my pocket several times before and I always noticed when it did.

American Bandito Pop-Culture Roadshow Feb 21, 2020

American Bandito Pop-Culture Roadshow for Feb 21, 2020. Another episode of my Pop-Culture Roadshow, where I look at toys that I've collected and try to find out a little history or interesting facts about them. Items Pee-Wee Herman Children's Sweatshirt from 1989 Mary Poppins Soundtrack LP from 1964 Yogi Bear Takes a Vacation illustrated book from 1965 Funday School Songs Peter Pan Records from 1965 More items at my eBay Store   Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

Two things.

It's been an emotional 24 hours. But I want to see what happens. 

Visceral Drawings From Antonin Artaud’s Final Years

I had a conversation with Gray Miller , a writer and visual practitioner here in Madison. He mixes writing and art to convey a message at conferences and public forums. But one of the ways he described his method to me was by calling it "visceral drawing". I had no idea what that was so I looked it up. In a figurative sense, something "visceral" is felt "deep down." It is a "gut feeling." The gut feeling part of the visceral drawing explanation brought up some very raw results. Visceral Drawings From Antonin Artaud’s Final Years via - Like these last collected works by French dramatist Antonin Artaud . He sometimes produced deliberately crude works, testing the strength of the expression by submitting it to the brutal blows of an unhinged craft. He founded the Theatre of Cruelty which is described as a break from traditional Western theatre and a means by

Google Assistant.

I swear I had just looked to see if anyone was around right before I did that.

Music emails.

They have really strict copyright laws in some countries. Since we release our music under a creative commons license it makes it more accessible to use it there.

Late night shuffle.

I'm not sure why we don't just open them when we go to bed?

Gray Miller: From Bondage to Visual Practices. S06E02 American Bandito Podcast

Gray Miller got involved with an event known as " Open Space Technology " in a very unconventional way... in the kink and bondage community. And from that, he has made that experience into a career through the practice of visual thinking using images, words, and live, in-person visceral drawing to engage with an audience to communicate. Listen to the episode: Available on   Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify Visit Gray's website at The music for this is by Lorenzo's Music -

Dropped my phone.

I haven't cracked a phone in like 10 years. It's just the back but it bugs me. I can feel it when I hold it. 

Crosstown traffic.

It made me wonder if buses drive more aggressively if they're behind schedule. 

Air freshener.

I keep thinking the air freshener is someone walking into the road. It's happened several times now.

Women's section.

Or maybe she thought she was just being funny. I really couldn't tell.

Action figure auction.

In the last few minutes of the auction, people started bidding on it again. I wish I knew what the deal was with that one.


To tell you the truth, I'm amazed that it didn't occur to me sooner that they should talk. Here is a link to the podcast with the artist from season to I was talking about - Eli Quinn .

Triangulador: Street Art to Murals - S06E01 American Bandito Podcast

Triangulador , Liu Szwako is a Mexico City-born street artist and muralist working in Madison, Wisconsin. I got the chance to meet with him in an apartment he turned into an art studio here in Madison. Listen to the episode: Available on Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify Learn more about Triangulador at Music for this episode is by Lorenzo's Music -

Getting ready.

Then I just spent the day getting everything ready for releasing the new season of the podcast tomorrow. As well as the new EP for my band Lorenzo's Music.

Speed Drawing of my daily webcomic "Then This Happened" Nov 30 2019

Every day I draw and post a four-panel comic about something that happened to me . It was a way to make sure I draw something each day and blog something each day. On my YouTube channel, I've started posting videos of how I draw the comic on my tablet using MediBang Paint. Since I do this every day I set a time limit of 15 minutes to get it done. The time limit helps me learn how to express myself and get my point across without thinking too much about it. Also, I would spend way to much time doing the comic if I didn't set a limit. Check out the speed drawing videos Tablet I use  Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-Inch 16 GB Tablet with S Pen - Drawing app I use MediBang Paint -

Marlboro coasters?

First of all, if we still smoked my first reaction would have been send free cigarettes, not coasters. Second, it was kind of like they were trying to say "please come back".

Moving right along.

It seems like I've been waiting all winter on several things. But a lot of movement the past few days has made things pretty exciting again.

An artist who turned trash into a canvas.

Triangulador is Liu Szwako , a Mexico City-born street artist and muralist in Madison, Wisconsin whose work started out as an awesome series of street art, using discarded furniture and mattresses around the city as a canvas. I got a chance to meet Liu on an episode of the American Bandito Podcast In the meantime , check out some of Triangulador's work below: View this post on Instagram First pieces of VeinteVeinte "2020" #art #abstractart #SupportLocalArtist #Spraypaint #streetart #MontanaBlack #doodles #publicinstallation #publicart #MadisonWisconsin #herenowgonetomorrow #myownstyle @montanacans @montanacans_usa #triangulador A post shared by 𝐋𝐢𝐮𝐛𝐨𝐯 𝐒𝐳𝐰𝐚𝐤𝐨 / 𝕿𝖗𝖎𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖚𝖑𝖆𝖉𝖔𝖗 (@triangulador) on Feb 3, 2020 at 6:24am PST You can learn more about Triangulador at the website

Don't do it.

Not really sure what me thinking that was all about. I need to knock it off. And the guy dressed like CeeLo was weird. 

Release weekend.

I'm not sure why I'm releasing them both in the same weekend. I just feel like I've been sitting on them long enough.

Scary printer.

I was very confused at first.

Invisible man turtle.

By the time I finished drawing this, it was up to $26.

Moving around.

I was sorry to hear about Stone Fence closing but Mia who runs it seemed in good spirits about it. She was one of the local businesses I talked to back in season 2 of the podcast .

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