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Wasn't expecting to see 40 people jogging when I walked out of a restaurant.

Vertical video plugin.

I was really hoping this would help streamline things.

Still lagging.

The problem with that is I'll have to redesign my show templates again too.

OBS webcam lag.

I have no idea why this is happening it's never done that before.

12 cases of water.

It took like 20 minutes to get them in the place.

Sylvie Rosenthal: Sculptor Building an Artistic Business Online - Tom Ray's Art Podcast

Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts | YouTube Podcasts | Spotify | RSS In this episode, I meet  Sylvie Rosenthal , a woodworker, sculptor, designer, and educator based in Madison, Wisconsin. Sylvie discusses their journey from New Haven, Connecticut, through various cities, and how a residency led to setting roots in Madison for love and grad school.

Writing submissions.

Plus it just feels like I'm going "My stuff is great because..."

Evolution of My Podcast Video Lighting Setup: From Webcam to RGB lighting

A pic from my current video podcast lighting setup As I ventured into the realm of also making videos for my podcasts, I discovered that lighting plays a big part in enhancing the overall visual experience for them.  In this blog post, I'll take you through the evolution of my lighting setup, from the beginning with a laptop webcam to the updated arrangement I have today.

Life and journey with a photographer documenting life - Kamal X

On an episode of the art podcast, I got the chance to talk with Kamal X. I learned a lot from this conversation from what inspired this photographer to how they found a publisher for their work and made a book! Inspired by reality TV Kamal X: Reality TV first started and I remember being a kid like eleven years old, nine years old, watching this, glued to it, because it was so interesting.  Because back then it was real. So a lot of times when I think about how my career kind of like when I picked up the camera, how I gravitated towards these real stories, I wonder how much of an influence that show had on me.  Because it was like, wow, you get to see all these people that you would never meet in real life from places I've never been.  And you're like seeing how they think, how they look, how they dress. And it was just like, wow, there's a bigger world out there - coming from New Jersey.  So I think that might be a big reason why I kind of lean towards finding interesting

Bridge part.

I could just remove the bridge part but now it's like a challenge to make it work.

GG Green Goodies: Teacher Launches An Art Career - Tom Ray's Art Podcast

Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts | YouTube Podcasts | Spotify | RSS Painter GG of Green Goodies found purpose and community through art after starting their teaching career. When the pandemic hit, GG turned to TikTok, using live streams to combat loneliness. GG's videos led to a portrait painting project documenting unfiltered stories of life. Links Green Goodies website Green Goodies on Instagram Green Goodies on TikTok 📙 Get Tom Ray's webcomic book "Then This Happened... A Diary About Breast Cancer" now on Amazon as an ebook or paperback 📬 Join my email list to get a call out for artists when I'm booking interviews! Join my email list

Air gap.

Looks like the cap might need to be replaced maybe?

How I work on writing and recording music - Behind-the-scenes video

I know I talk to artists on the podcast and draw a webcomic. But truth be told the thing I work on the most is writing and recording music with my band Lorenzo's Music . We released a song called " Friction world " which is a theme track to a movie soundtrack project we're working on. This video is about the making of that song. In the video We talk about how the song came about from a music loop library we were working on during the shutdown. We also show the process of recording the song and rearranging it in our studio. Listen to Friction world on Spotify

Friction world: Theme to a movie soundtrack I've been working on

I've been working on a big music project with my band Lorenzo's Music . It's available on Spotify Apple Music YouTube Music Amazon Music Bandcamp This is a song called Friction world that we released that is part of a movie soundtrack project I'm working on. Here is a recent review of the song: Friction world by Lorenzo's Music is a song that captures the mood of an indie film. The song is a variation of the same core melody that the band is using for a film project. The song has a gritty and raw sound that reflects the story with dirty guitar and broken drums and bass with interludes of French horn and violin.  The vocals are growling and longing, expressing the feeling of being lost and alone in a cold, dark, and gray world. The lyrics are simple but effective, conveying a sense of nostalgia and regret for the things that got old and far away.  The song is released under a creative commons license, which means that anyone can use, copy, redistribute, adapt, remi

Snow drift.

It wasn't even that deep, just icy.

Walking and yelling.

I kinda wanted to know what was going on.

Driving notes.

Seriously almost every time I tried to make a note this happened.

Kamal X: Photographer Documenting Life's Journey - Tom Ray's Art Podcast

Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts | YouTube Podcasts | Spotify | RSS Photographer Kamal X shares his journey from posting photos on Instagram to publishing books documenting real-life moments. After losing his best friend to cancer, Kamal began traveling the world and using his camera as an outlet. His work evolved into a quest to find answers through investigative journalism compiling his experiences into the book Black Astronaut. He aimed to provide a visual perspective on America's story beyond news reports and facts. Kamal discusses the challenges of getting published before connecting with a UK publisher. His mission is to capture life's raw moments and share new visual narratives. Links Kamal X website Kamal X on Instagram 📙 Get Tom Ray's webcomic book "Then This Happened... A Diary About Breast Cancer" now on Amazon as an ebook or paperback 📬 Join my email list to get a call out for

Artwave machine.

We all hated when we had to use the machine.

Warehouse trip.

It was a nice drive too.


Smartphones can do so many amazing things but phone calls are an imperfect feature.

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