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Friction world: Theme to a movie soundtrack I've been working on

I've been working on a big music project with my band Lorenzo's Music.

It's available on

This is a song called Friction world that we released that is part of a movie soundtrack project I'm working on.

Here is a recent review of the song:

Friction world by Lorenzo's Music is a song that captures the mood of an indie film. The song is a variation of the same core melody that the band is using for a film project.

The song has a gritty and raw sound that reflects the story with dirty guitar and broken drums and bass with interludes of French horn and violin. 

The vocals are growling and longing, expressing the feeling of being lost and alone in a cold, dark, and gray world. The lyrics are simple but effective, conveying a sense of nostalgia and regret for the things that got old and far away. 

The song is released under a creative commons license, which means that anyone can use, copy, redistribute, adapt, remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.

The band also provides the recording files for the song on their GitHub repository, so anyone can clone the Ardour DAW session files and reuse and remix the song. 

The band is known for their lo-fi self-production and being active in the creative commons community.

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New song! "Rainy day friction"

Listen to the song on: Spotify Apple Music YouTube Bandcamp "Rainy day friction" by Lorenzo's Music "Rainy Day Friction" is the 3rd song for a film soundtrack project I've been working on with my band Lorenzo's Music .

Can I Buy And Resell Copies Of My Own Book From Amazon KDP?

There are two questions that I get asked about publishing my webcomic books on Amazon KDP . 1 - Can I Order A Print Copy Of My Own Book From Amazon KDP? When I started printing on Amazon KDP I also had that question. The reason I put the books together is I was just kind of doing it for myself. I could make a paperback version of my webcomic books and then I and my family could get a copy. It didn't even occur to me that I could actually start selling the book in public.  I thought it was just print-on-demand and then maybe I could order one.  But when I print a book on Amazon KDP I can also get up to 999 copies and sell it on my own!  I was able to get my own copies from Amazon KDP sent to me.  As the author, I can get them at printing cost . So they're at a discounted price. The option to order author copies is right in the KDP publishing setup.  The button is next to the book in KDP. 👇 The other question I get about publishing my book on Amazon KDP... 2 - Can I Sell My A


The amount of time it takes to go through and comment on so many videos.

How I use one Gmail address for multiple Soundcloud accounts

Do you know the Gmail "+" trick to use one email for multiple accounts on one service? Here's a little trick I use that works for any service.  I talked about this on the podcast episode I did with artist Mortimur K . In this case, let's say I used up all the uploads I have for my free Soundcloud account . With this trick, I can open a new free account and use the same Gmail address. I don't want to create another Gmail account to sign up again.  Using my one Gmail address for multiple accounts on the same service I don't remember when I learned this but you can alter the name on a Gmail address. Like, let's say mine is "". To be clear that is not my email. I wish it was, but this is just a short example. Start with the original Gmail address Add a "+" after the email name Where it says "tom" on the address I can put a "+" after that. Add a "+" after the email name After that "+" I ca