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Friction world: Theme to a movie soundtrack I've been working on

I've been working on a big music project with my band Lorenzo's Music.

It's available on

This is a song called Friction world that we released that is part of a movie soundtrack project I'm working on.

Here is a recent review of the song:

Friction world by Lorenzo's Music is a song that captures the mood of an indie film. The song is a variation of the same core melody that the band is using for a film project.

The song has a gritty and raw sound that reflects the story with dirty guitar and broken drums and bass with interludes of French horn and violin. 

The vocals are growling and longing, expressing the feeling of being lost and alone in a cold, dark, and gray world. The lyrics are simple but effective, conveying a sense of nostalgia and regret for the things that got old and far away. 

The song is released under a creative commons license, which means that anyone can use, copy, redistribute, adapt, remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.

The band also provides the recording files for the song on their GitHub repository, so anyone can clone the Ardour DAW session files and reuse and remix the song. 

The band is known for their lo-fi self-production and being active in the creative commons community.

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New song! Variation witch

Keeping up with my plan to release new music every month.  This time around I venture into the punk blues realm. Sort of a mixture of The Black Keys and The Eels . This is a song called "Variation witch" by my band Lorenzo's Music .  The cover art is actually an antique top that I have in my collection. What I liked about it was the striped disc kind of like something in a Tim Burton film.

A quick peek behind-the-scenes of a new webcomic series. Coming soon!

I've recently paused my usual diary comic to dedicate my attention to an exciting new project—a fiction webcomic series featuring two characters that may be familiar to my long-time followers.  These characters, Bobert and the Monster have made appearances on my website before , and now they're taking center stage.  I'm working diligently with the hope of launching the series shortly.  In the meantime, I'd like to share this behind-the-scenes video of the drawing process for one of the upcoming pages.  Stay tuned for more updates as I bring this creative vision to life.

Working on a new comic

Drawing tablet screenshot I've been working on a new comic book idea. These are some screenshots of a few panels of a comic I'm drawing on my tablet. It's actually based on some characters I've had for a while called Bobert and the Monster . I don't even really remember how I came up with these characters themselves but the concept is:  It's a world made of monsters and humans are the ones that haunt and terrorize them. Specifically, Bobert the human haunts and plays tricks on the main character who is just called "Monster".  When I first started drawing them years ago they were just one-page gag comic strips. I was inspired to draw these characters based on those in-between comic stories I read in those old Gold Key and Dell comics from the 60s and 70s. Those comics would feature a main character like Yogi Bear or Huckleberry Hound . Then there were random one-page stories with a different character in the book to fill it out.  I had drawn a few o

Vintage Crusader Rabbit illustration drawing artwork by Robert Bemiller & Jan Neely from 1960

Here are some vintage artwork illustrations I have that are from a  Crusader Rabbit book from 1960 called "Crusader Rabbit in Bubble Trouble" . The drawings in this book were created by  Robert Bemiller & Jan Neely .  The book is based on the limited animated cartoon for Crusader Rabbit that was on television at the time. I've actually posted another book that one of the artists Jan Neely was involved in recently. An illustrated Hanna-Barbera book for the old Pixie and Dixie cartoons . If you would like to see more of the books that I've collected from resale shops over the years I also sell them in my eBay store to help support my podcast! You can buy some of the vintage illustrated books I have from my eBay store !