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I keep thinking who am I to tell these people what to do?


So we went from $600 to free. I'm glad she asked them.

Call back.

I wasn't sure why he was free to do one and not the other but whatever.



We saw the going out of business sign while we were getting coffee across the street when we got the idea to ask if they were selling displays. Turns out the owner is retiring and gave us a great deal on them.

Mr. Mouth.

It was a game where a head slowly spins and the mouth opens while you try to fling plastic disks into it. I don't remember why she had brought it up? Here is a newer version on Amazon to show you what I mean


He's been saying he was going to get one for about a year now but he couldn't decide what he wanted. He ended up getting a cross of Saint Peter on his shoulder. We're not really sure why?


Although the more I thought about it that wouldn't have changed anything.

First intern interview.

I'm pretty sure we told him that we hired him. But now that I think about it I can't remember if we did?


On the documentary, everything ended so sudden.

Bass guitar.

So he won the argument with the tuning app but now he needs to buy new bass strings.


Sara ( @smeretactics ) and I have been trying to set up an interview for a while. I'm glad we were finally able to meet up!


Selling all theses novelty items and collectibles I'm kind of learning what some of the things I'm interested in that other people like too.

Damn bike.

I was going to just ride it anyway and bring it back but the guy seemed pretty amazed that it had been working as long as it did. So it got me all paranoid.

Looking for an intern.

Our lunches together have started turning into meetings which. Not a bad thing.

The weekend.

I so happy I got a chance to draw the @ejoymehr character in the comic! It's almost been almost two years since I started this whole project and I love that I'm still meeting new people.

Floaty thing.

The floaty thing that stops the water looked like part of the pipe thingy so I couldn't tell it was stuck.

More ink.

It's still nerve-racking after five seasons of the podcast to reach out to new people.


I know I could probably find a single cartridge online but I have to print the stuff tonight. Going to be selling my books at the Print & Resist Zine Fest this weekend.

Making zines.

I probably should have started sooner but I'm sure it will be fine. If you're in the Madison area Saturday stop on by and say hi! Madison Print & Resist Zine Fest -

Artwork for the original Candy Land game by Milton Bradley from 1955.

I have a vintage Candy Land game from 1955 by Milton Bradley and I was about to sell it so I thought I would add it to my personal art history course concept I've been doing . I'm going to try and see if I can find out how this game was created, designed and why? Here is what I found out about this game Candy Land is a board game about children exploring a world made out of candy and other sweets that originally came out in 1949. In every version of the game, there are a group of children that go through Candy Land. In the earliest versions of the game, it was a realistically drawn boy and girl. Drawing of the Candy Land kids I did on my phone ☝ The game was designed in 1948 by Eleanor Abbott , while she was recovering from polio in San Diego, California. It's rumored that Eleanor also did the original artwork but I didn't find anything that


They said it would be $800 to remove it but it doesn't bug him so they gave us some ointment for now.


Seems we're all just looking for a little help.


We couldn't afford wedding rings when we got married years ago so that's why we got them at this pawn shop.

Meeting the neighbor.

We know what we want to do with our storefront it's just where to start. He had a lot of really great information about how he built his place out.


Merijoy has always told me I have a very specific sense of smell.


No kids have heard me yet. I don't know if I just notice it when I'm there or what, but it never fails.

The Disco Artwork Of The Bonkers 1978 Parker Brothers Board Game.

I tried to find the origin of the artwork on this vintage board game. But came up short. I got this version of the game " Bonkers! " by Parker Brothers from 1978. I remember the game because of the super disco/burst design. Kinda reminds me of that pinball counting cartoon segment on Sesame Street back in the day where they counted to 12. Which if you remember the song, I always love to point out the people that sing it are  The Pointer Sisters . Ok back to the game. Here is some info I learned about it. Described as a race-style board game designed by Paul J. Gruen who also came up with the game Pay Day and was considered one of the era's top board game designers. And I'm pretty sure when they say designed it's referring to the concept, not the artwork. That seems to be the only thing I can find that talks about the design. I would have liked to learn more about who did the artwork or how it was conceived. The game was released three times. Pro

You tell him.

Yes. I worry about the dog, so what.

I'm bad at the post office.

I'm not saying he was wrong. He just made it sound like I was taking food out of his family's mouth or something.

Sick day.

I did more than this, but that's what the day felt like.

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