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Rooftop cinema.

We weren't expecting the conversation to go in that direction.

Home alone.

It's not so bad to be on your own sometimes.

New day.

I'm feeling a lot more motivated than yesterday.

3 in a row.

It's hard not to take it personally.

Wisdom tooth.

One reason she didn't want shots is it's been a year to the day that she had her lumpectomy .


I was waiting to see if he was just messing with me or not. When he didn't say anything I just walked away.


It's like if I had opened up my own place, I would never expect people would actually want to come into it.

Repo Man.

I feel like any punk rock cred that I had growing up should be revoked for admitting this. If you're not familiar with it it's streaming on Amazon -

Good hair day.

I took a shower after working out later and wasn't able to get it right again. Merijoy even said it was "alright".


Looking forward to doing more of this with other people.


For a brief second, I thought to myself this can't be how I die.

It's Tuesday.

Glad to see it's like an annoying song that you can get stuck in other peoples heads.


An actual conversation we had while we waited for the rain to stop.

Comics lab.

I was honored that she even responded to me. I stopped trying to contact her because I started to feel like a stalker. Seeing people in the comics lab when I went there didn't help with that feeling.

Ice Cream.

We walked all around downtown and ended up getting ice cream a block from our house.


Gotta seriously iron shorts now if I'm going to wear them? Just distract people with my pale torso.

Raiding the fridge.

I consider it payment for the job.

Construction guys.

I mean, ask the people you're there working for am I right?

Flip the script.

I didn't want it to become what it did the last time. And how about the Cobra Kai reference I threw in there?


I used to love driving out there at sunset.

Live Streaming.

It's so strange that people will watch. But talking with them while I work is kind of cool.

Used book store.

We stayed and talked with her a bit. She was pretty much the coolest person.


Came home and took a nap.

Cool place.

It's just a thought right now.

Back to pants.

My legs may just stay pale this summer.

Three month check up.

No news is good news.


I've been doing more freelance website work lately and wanted to explain the different things I do. Most of what I do is really helping people with what they already have. Or help them figure out how to make what they want their website to be.

Concession stand.

We've lived here for two years now and it's only just around the corner. But we really got some good ideas when we went there.


He did work all day so he was tired. It's just hard to not think he doesn't want to talk to me sometimes.


And on top of it all, I have like no hair on them for some reason.

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