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New round.

I'm really looking forward to this next season of the show I'm working on.


I read the words and my brain wouldn't let me process the words that came after it. I told her next time throw an emoji in there so I can tell it's not serious at first glance.


I feel like it directed specifically at the house across the street. So for some reason, I didn't feel concerned. And where else would I go?

Road block.

There were crime scene vans and police tape all around the house across the street.


I guess I feel that my irritations might seem silly sometimes when I have them, given the course of the past few months.


It's an odd feeling but I love it!


You know how on cop shows they only say "I'm sorry for your loss". I get it now. Sometimes an acknowledgment is all it takes to help. Thanks to the Bohemian Bauble -

Colin Holden

This week I meet Colin Holden. Colin's work has a cartoon style, but he prefers to work on a large scale format, usually around five feet tall. He uses this platform to make pieces that express a timeline something that dates back to when he returned home after being sent away to boarding school as a kid. Listen to the episode: Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts  (iPhone), Google Play  (Android) and YouTube . Some pictures of Colin's work Visit Colin's website - Referenced in this episode Hieronymus Bosch - Tintin - Pogo -

Bird stories.

That's the part I was thinking about when we left. Our sons responsible for his own actions now as I see it.


Coincidentally it was a really nice day. The first day of fall and it's 80 degrees outside.

Happy meal.

And I mean like the old cardboard box happy meals. That smell that stuck to the toys that came with it.

Pass it along.

It was Salma from  the sixth episode . I think it will be an interesting experiment for both of us.


They actually put little tattoo dots on her. That is so they will know where to aim the radiation she is going to have for the next month.


I don't think I've ever even been in a live model class before, let alone the subject for one. It was a great experience though. I'm glad I did it.

Look up later.

When I looked up etchings it is described like this "a print produced by the process of etching". Super helpful.

Jason Scott

This weeks episode I meet Jason Scott. Jason is a sculptor of large and small-scale pieces, which includes jewelry. And it all seems to relate back to when he studied to be a sushi chef years ago. Listen to the episode: Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts , Google Play and YouTube . Some pictures of Jason's work: Donation link for Eli, One Rare Boy - This episode brought to you by Tom's comic journal series "Then This Happened..." available on Amazon:


I don't know why we never tried it before. But having the experience with these friends of ours made the whole thing more enjoyable.

Spoon the band.

The mixture of the music, the beer and the nostalgia made me realize - I'm not interested anymore in what I do for a living at this point in life.

In common.

I suppose they have to learn somewhere.


I looked up the place he mentioned and it sounded like a total dive. Made me think my story would have been believable.

Cancer card.

People just kind of go, "Oh, ok", when you play it.

Wrong day.

I thought it was funny the receptionist seemed unamused. And I'm pretty sure I just have a pinched nerve. What happens is, my back occasionally feels like when your foot falls asleep.

Running gag.

It's always fun for the person doing it. That's what she said!

Salma Carreon

In this weeks episode, I meet Salma Carreon. She makes ceramics, etchings and paintings. This includes hand painted shirts and a few commissioned murals around town. But what she really wants to do is become a tattoo artist. All this and she has only just graduated high school. Listen to the episode: Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts , Google Play and YouTube . Lalo's Mural Links: Salma's website - Lalo's Restaurant - Yellow Rose Gallery - Banksy - Exit Through The Gift Shop - Also: Tom Ray's author page on Amazon -

Maria Bamford.

It was like one of those old cartoons where right when the show started a 7 foot tall person sat in front of me. I was amazed he didn't have a giant hat on.


I've said from the beginning, I just hate everything about stupid cancer. That it even makes us have to have thoughts like this.


The book was a pain to format and publish on Amazon but it actually turned out to be much higher quality than I expected. Check it out -

Head board.

We finally got the door we brought home up on the wall.


It feels like tensions are running a little high. She thinks because of the pain we're going though we haven't been close lately and it's making us a little vulnerable. I think that may be it too.


She still worries about how everything is going to look once it heals. And it gets in her head.

Cheese curds.

This didn't even cover the crowd that had to be navigated through to get there. But she said "Well yeah, cheese curds make everything better".

Chris Lester

This week I meet author, Chris Lester. Chris saw my post about looking for artists in Madison for the show. He responded with the question, “What about writers?” I thought he had a good point. Writers are creative people also. So I set up a time to meet him. Chris is a Sci-Fi writer and he also releases his stories as a serialized audio podcast on his website. Listen to the episode: Links: Website - Chris Lester Amazon author profile - Urban Legends (Metamor City Book 1) on Amazon - The Raven & the Writing Desk Podcast -  iTunes Mentioned: E. E. Knight, Dragon series - Shadowrun RPG - Philip Pullman - His Dark Materials - Jim Butcher - The Dresden Files -


There were times that things got a little cloudy in my head yesterday. But I think I'm fine now.


I mean, I hit it hard! I saw stars. I was so confused as to what actually just happened for a few seconds.

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