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Small wires.

Plus there was a warning saying it's super easy to damage the little connectors.

Wanted book shipped "handle with care", cracked me up! - What sold today -Tom Ray's Day 210927

I look at some of the vintage and retro items I sold online in this video I get ready to ship some of the vintage illustrated books, toys, illustrated prints, and dolls in this video. And for one of the books, I got a message from the person that was kind of a funny request. This is a video of my daily life since I decided to sell collectibles and pop-culture items I collect on eBay to help support my art career instead of taking on freelance work. Store link: More vintage pop-culture items available in my eBay Store -


Also, the sun was still out.

Zipporah Michel: Illustration, Painting and Fine Arts - Tom Ray's Art Podcast 210926

Zipporah Michel is an artist living in Florida. Zipporah has been painting and illustrating artwork highlighting underrated ancient figures, religious icons, and even current events in hues, and profiles as vibrant as known figures would be illustrated—lined with metallic and bold hues. We talk about gallery shows she has been doing, projects, and books she's worked on. Also, her love of anime sparks a discussion between us about the cartoon Sailor Moon.

Wrong way.

It was just talking loud :)

Progress on the music video I've been animating in Blender Grease Pencil

Going over how I've been animating this music video using Blender Grease Pencil I've been working on a cover of the song "Shore Leave" by Tom Waits . I've been animating this video in blender grease pencil and releasing it one line of the song at a time as YouTube shorts. I kind of wanted to go over how I'm doing it and also one of the problems I'm having that's actually made it really frustrating! Check out some of the scenes from the video -  Watch the first 3 scenes of my animation/music project

Healing pics.

That is so my mom.

Can't list.

That's so my dad. 

I'll get my own.

I know for a fact it should only be like $7 to ship it. 

Second grade.

Just to be clear it wasn't a bad smell.

Emma Groom: Comics and cloning plants - Tom Ray's Art Podcast 210919

Emma Groom is a comic book artist and writer living in Florida. Emma is working on a comic book called Recursions End doing the writing and the artwork. Emma decided to try and see what it would be like to pitch it to actual comics and book publishers and is in the process of doing that. During the conversation, Emma tells me that the whole thing started out as a text RPG game. While doing all this Emma also runs a plant cloning business that pays the bills.

Computer support.

Editing videos just using the trackpad is much more difficult.


How is it I use pretty much the same amount of gas every year?

Watch the first 3 scenes of my animation/music project

 Check out the first three scenes I made for my animation and music project Animated the first two scenes so far in Blender using grease pencil. The first scene starts out with the character I drew as a see-through pencil sketch on a white background holding his hat up in the air. He's standing next to a payphone and throws his hat aside and makes a call. In the second scene for the animated video here, the song begins and the camera closes in on the pencil sketch man who starts singing the first line of lyrics into the phone. And scene three, the camera zooms in even closer as the pencil sketch man grabs the phone with both hands and starts to use it more as a microphone. (Listen to more music by my band Lorenzo's Music on Spotify ) More scenes to come... I started this song and began animating it and to make that task a little more doable I decided to start animating and releasing them in short segments. Sharing the video as I go instead of waiting to release the whole thing

Shopping cart.

Did you know what I meant?

More cowbell.

It's probably a push created by big cowbell to infiltrate the sports industry.

Chris Conidis: Comics, fantasy, Horror and Sci Fi Art - Tom Ray's Art Podcast 210912

Chris Conidis is an artist that lives in Florida. Chris started out with an interest in animation and how it worked and that evolved into figure drawing and the art of high contrast from fantasy art and old school horror movies. Chris has been hitting the comic circuit and also created a collection of art and stories for a book of his work called Monsters & Madonnas. Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify Links Chris Conidis Website Chris Conidis on Instagram Support the show! Check out the vintage pop-culture items available in my eBay Store Join the email list! 📬 Every season I do a call out for artists on the email list. Sign up to find out when I'm booking interviews and more 😀 Enter your Email Address Below First Name

For pick up.

It was all very confusing.

Live band practice.

We usually record our practices in our own private Facebook group. But I thought why not just do it live for people to watch?

A story about a music and animation project I'm starting

How a simple beat I was working on turned into an artistic venture  It all started with a beat I was out at the studio and I was just messing around with a simple little drumbeat on my laptop. Then wrote a piano line to go along with it and a bassoon part. Nothing special really. It reminds me of something? As was listening to what I did so far a funny thing happened. It reminded me of something. I started thinking of the movie "Big time" the live concert movie by Tom Waits that he did for his album "Frank's wild years". In particular, it made me think of the song "Shore leave" and that's a song I've wanted to cover for a while. So I was like, what if I take what I have so far and do Shore leave? Do the version that's in that movie, not the version that's on his album. I changed some of the parts that I had recorded to match the song, then added the vocals. Then I got another idea As I was doing this I started getting another idea. I

Documenting video.

I don't know why I get so anxious right before I start recording?

Rhymes with orange.

I'm not entirely sure why I was thinking about what rhymes with orange.

Song cartoon idea.

I've been looking for ways to combine the different things I make in a project. Gonna give this a try.

Christine Merriman: Sculpture, Raku and Tile Artist - Tom Ray's Art Podcast 210905

Christine Merriman is an artist that lives in Vermont who is originally from here in Wisconsin. Christine has run an artist studio called Marry Woman Studios, created large-scale sculptures and tile artwork using a method called Raku to fire them, and has pieces that are in houses all over the US. And Christine is now focusing on art and trauma therapy.

Smurf degrees of smurfaration

 A little story about how I drew a smurf and it morphed into several other artistic ideas. It all started with this drawing... First, I drew this smurf on my tablet I woke up with the Smurfs cartoon theme song in my head. Then I felt like drawing a smurf for some reason. I got out my drawing tablet and drew the picture above. Then, I turned it into a little virtual graffiti on Google Maps I was looking for a place on Google maps and saw a big ol' house. Then I got an idea to try some virtual graffiti on it. So I drew that smurf on the side of this house for some reason. What do you suppose is going on in that house? Then I started thinking how the people living in this house had no clue I was doing this. But I also had no clue about them.  Then I got the image of a "Rear window" Hitchcock movie-type thing in my head. So I drew a picture of that house at night for some reason. I made a video of what was going on inside This drawing reminded me of a scene from a video I mad

Light pole.

The most surprising thing is they actually stuck around to clean it up and report it. I expected them to just take off. 


I guess I haven't really just sat in the sun like that in a while. Should have thought to find a shaded area.


I've heard that one so many times over the years.

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