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Showing posts from January, 2020

Life insurance coffee.

I just felt strange signing life insurance there while the table behind us people were just meeting to talk about their day.

Similar name.

Even as I was messaging them I kept writing their name as American Bandito

Solo show?

I thought it would be as easy a mute vocals and guitar and export. But there are so many parts on different tracks I keep missing things. 


I've pretty much deciphered most of the dream I just can't figure out why or how I was saying something in Spanish?

Made-up situations.

And then I feel bad for picking on these made-up people in these made-up situations in my head.

American Bandito Pop-Culture Roadshow for Jan 27, 2020

Another episode of my Pop-Culture Roadshow , where I look at toys that I've collected and try to find out a little history or interesting facts on some of the items. Just to learn a little useless knowledge for myself.


I actually thought that doing the interviews in public places, people taking a "this is happening next to me now" photos would happen more often. But this was the first time I've noticed it.


Well, I thought that pun was pretty grate. 

Lawnmower man.

That conversation took a fun turn. I had him fix my old lawnmower once and we sat and talked a bit while he worked on it. He's an interesting guy. Still is apparently.

Angry trip.

But overall found a lot of cool stuff so it wasn't all bad. 

Mail labels.

And now I know.

Show opportunity.

Part of me is like, "heck with it just do the show" and the other part of me is like "that's a horrible idea. No one wants to see that".

Working on music.

I think I came up with something to start with at least.

Meeting place.

I'm back to thinking getting into my train is going to be delayed again. 

Comic market.

They were only ten feet away but it's like they thought we couldn't hear what they were talking about or something.


Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to drive for Uber.

Day after listen.

I'm excited to finish the EP but listening to the stuff you create over and over, at some point you just need to hear other things.

First floor guy.

I have nothing to back this up and I've never even talked to the guy. It's just a feeling I get.


I feel bad thinking that way but it's not like parking enforcement has proved me wrong over the years. 

Flustered time.

I've done it both ways in the past and they are equally overwhelming. So I'll just keep working for now.

Bluetooth keyboard.

Only other thing I did was search for an old phone I had to use for a camera so I did use this. Sorry Dex.

Actors conversation.

It reminded me a lot of conversations I have with guys I grew up with when we get together to hang out.

Interview redo.

I successfully backed up the file this time. I double-checked to make sure.

Freaking winter.

I ended up going to meet with someone to talk about an idea for a project and felt better. And actually it turned out to be kind of nice outside.


I was thinking about that time MC Hammer had a Saturday morning cartoon and it naturally led to this.

Old art room.

The art room not changing is probably a bad thing I think.

I Dream of Jeannie.

It's true, that does sound like something I would normally know the history of.


This is actually pretty common.


So maybe I didn't need to remix them but I'll never know now.


She always wakes me up by hitting me with something. I still prefer it to my alarm.

Strange anxiety.

It really was the strangest anxiety. I started to worry things I was saying to people possibly sounded crazy.

All day.

Now it's that time of year I remind people of when they tell me I would miss winter if I moved somewhere warm.

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