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Smoke alarms.

It was maddening.

Travel planning.

I feel like once we finally get this sorted out it will be less frustrating.

cold air.

Still waiting for it to possibly change back.

More planning.

I spent a good half hour typing out the questions we had. But I knew planning a trip for the band wouldn't be easy.

When you find a drawing you don't remember doing

I don't remember drawing this picture A Google Photos drawing surprise I set up all the drawing apps I use on my phone and tablet to automatically back up what I create to  Google Photos .  The main reason is to save it of course. But the other reason I back up my drawings to Google Photos is that it has a memory feature . I get an alert each day where it tells me I have photo memories that I can look at.

Weather apps.

My phone is where I get all my answers and it lied to me!


Thinking of the pumpkins splatting in the car made me laugh.


Gotta say I'm kinda freaking out a bit now.

Art Inspiration: Digging on old Scooby-Doo cartoon background artwork

Can we all just take a second to appreciate the background art of the 1969 Scooby-Doo cartoons ?  Easily the most inspirational artwork from my childhood right here.  I think this scene from the cartoon is what inspired my recent nostalgia for the Money Island computer game I wrote about in my webcomic . Who did these background paintings? I wrote a post about the artist Walter Peregoy who did the background artwork for the series over on my pop-culture roadshow blog . Some of the things I learned about the artist He had a modernist 50s style Designed the 101 dalmatians cartoon look Was an artist for one of the Liquid Television cartoons on MTV Go here to see more... Read more about the artist and their  artwork  on my pop-culture blog.  Go here to see more background artwork


I feel like people 3 blocks away heard it.

Monkey island.

I've always loved that game. You can play the game on - The Secret of Monkey Island

Working on a new comic

Drawing tablet screenshot I've been working on a new comic book idea. These are some screenshots of a few panels of a comic I'm drawing on my tablet. It's actually based on some characters I've had for a while called Bobert and the Monster . I don't even really remember how I came up with these characters themselves but the concept is:  It's a world made of monsters and humans are the ones that haunt and terrorize them. Specifically, Bobert the human haunts and plays tricks on the main character who is just called "Monster".  When I first started drawing them years ago they were just one-page gag comic strips. I was inspired to draw these characters based on those in-between comic stories I read in those old Gold Key and Dell comics from the 60s and 70s. Those comics would feature a main character like Yogi Bear or Huckleberry Hound . Then there were random one-page stories with a different character in the book to fill it out.  I had drawn a few o

Holding the door.

I think I touch my hand on the door when people hold it for me too.

Parking meters.

It's been that way forever. I don't know why I felt like I gave them the wrong answer.

I've been doing some music improvisation

I've been doing some live music improvisation with my band Lorenzo's Music on our Twitch channel . We have been trying out different ideas on live streams to see what inspires us. What if we Rumble fished? (YouTube Short clip) This clip here is a YouTube Short from one of our sessions. ( View the full video here - GOOFIN' LIVE: RUMBLE FISH STYLE - LIVE STREAM CLIP ) When we turned on the cameras for this live stream session I said I wanted to try and play something that sounds like it's the soundtrack for the 1980s movie " Rumble Fish " by Stewart Copeland and Stan Ridgway . So that's what we tried to do. 🙂 Songwriting live as an experiment The band has been looking for some musical inspiration and I thought what if we forced ourselves to try and think of things while people are watching.  No prep, no thinking about what to play beforehand. All we do is turn on the camera and throw out an idea to try musically. No overthinking what to do just first th


I'm sure there is some logical reason for it because it happens quite often.

Why I create a free website for all my ideas

A screenshot of my website Every time that I get an idea for a business I want to start or a new creative venture I think I want to do, I create a new website for it. One of the reasons that I do this is because I want to see if I'm even excited to keep on working on it. From time to time new business ideas will pop into my head and I think - "That's a great idea! I'm gonna make a million dollars!" So, I create a quick and free website for these ideas. The reason I do this is to be my own critic of these new concepts. I check to see if I'm even really excited about the idea What I mean by that is, that I make this website for my new idea, and if I can't think of anything to post about for it, or if I create the website and then I post one thing and then I run out of ideas... It might not be as great of an idea as I thought.  That's also why I use a free website service for them. Because I don't want to waste a bunch of tim


Of course, I still need to figure out what I'm going to say.

Unprovoked chit chat.

I would understand if we were standing at the elevator or something. But I wasn't even looking at him and I was clearly in the middle of something.


Now I have to try and get the payment back from that rush service website.

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