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Working on a new comic

screenshot of a drawing program with comic illustration
Drawing tablet screenshot

I've been working on a new comic book idea. These are some screenshots of a few panels of a comic I'm drawing on my tablet.

It's actually based on some characters I've had for a while called Bobert and the Monster.

screenshot of a drawing program with comic illustration

I don't even really remember how I came up with these characters themselves but the concept is: 

It's a world made of monsters and humans are the ones that haunt and terrorize them.

Specifically, Bobert the human haunts and plays tricks on the main character who is just called "Monster". 

When I first started drawing them years ago they were just one-page gag comic strips.

screenshot of a drawing program with comic illustration

I was inspired to draw these characters based on those in-between comic stories I read in those old Gold Key and Dell comics from the 60s and 70s.

Those comics would feature a main character like Yogi Bear or Huckleberry Hound. Then there were random one-page stories with a different character in the book to fill it out. 

I had drawn a few of those short one-page gags over the years but never really did much else with them.

Turn it into a new comic series?

I've been promoting my webcomic books on Amazon KDP recently which has been going pretty great! But those stories are autobiographical.

So I thought it would be fun to try a project with more of a fantasy storyline as a series and see how different that is to try and promote.

So why not use these characters for the books?

screenshot of a drawing program with comic illustration

I also have been itching to do more drawings that have extreme movement and expressions which I can't do in my personal webcomic very often. Unless it happened in real life of course. 🙂

My goal is to hopefully do these Bobert and the Monster comics as a bi-monthly book series starting in the next few months.

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