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Camera stopped working.

I had a feeling after getting it all set something would go wrong. I must have jinxed it.


Then I kinda felt bad for leaving the person hanging.

Fell asleep.

Not sure why? I fell asleep hard too. Like my face was numb and everything.

A drawing rabbit hole.

Felt like I should have been doing something else. But I did that mostly.

Shake me.

Shake it don't break it, baby!


I mean did he think I was gonna say, oh never mind then?

Toy or bug?

It truly could have gone either way. Turned out to be a large dragonfly.


I'm pretty sure I'll never find a situation to use it though.

How I started my website and what I use

I talk about how I started my website, what I use, and how it only costs me $12 a year.  When I started this website back in 2017 it was just going to be a place to post the webcomic I draw . Since then it had turned into an artist podcast  and a blog/vlog about what I do after starting my own business.  So basically when I get an idea for something I want to do I will create a website for it just to see if I will actually do anything with it. The service I have been using for years to make websites? Blogger, which is owned by Google .  It's free and I don't really have to set anything up, I just create something from the few templates that it has and start posting.  ( Related post:  Drawing:  How I draw my daily webcomic on my website )  If I do decide to go forward with any of the sites I make out of my ideas? I just buy a domain from Google domains which is built into Blogger and I only pay $12 a year for that!   Google Photos, Gmail, and more built-in. Google Photos ho


I still feel weird just going outside for no reason sometimes.

Missing shirt.

It was super unexpected. She's even bought a new one since then.

More wasps.

I don't know why they freak me out so much.

Sending email.

I hate doing it and I love doing it. It's so strange. If you would like to be on the podcast you can book a time on my Facebook page. Scroll through the calendar and find a date on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Sundays at 2pm (central time)


They say they loved my podcast but I'm pretty sure they never listened to it.

How I draw my daily webcomic on my website

I go over the process for how I draw my daily webcomic I post on my website. I've been drawing this comic for about 4 years now . It's a diary comic called "Then This Happened..." I think of something that happens to me each day and I try to express it in four panels. No punchlines, just a slice of life from my day. Related link - Collected books of my webcomic from the past three years are available now on Amazon in eBook and paperback! In the video, I show how I use the program Medibang Paint which has a feature to create the panels automatically. Then I write out the text for each panel and the drawing settings I have been using on my  Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen . The story that I draw about in this video deals with a problem I've been having with an online distributor that has been claiming songs as theirs by my band Lorenzo's Music which I feel like that happens a lot! You can check out the finished comic on the website here ! 

What about the money?

Did they think I would forget that part or something?

Smelled good.

It kinda smelled like Irish Spring soap which doesn't seem like a normal scent for a store.

More animation troubles.

The sound was fine until now.


Then of course I felt like one was on me all night.


Plus nothing has moved in the place for over a year so it was due.

Tilt your head.

Usually, they just say look down or lookup. This one was very precise.

Thought this would go for more? - Tom Ray's Day 2100602

I auction this vintage Care Bears alarm clock on eBay and thought it would start a bidding war I look at some of the vintage and retro items I sold online in this video from my YouTube Channel . The last time I had a rare pop-culture item I auctioned it on eBay and it was way more valuable than I thought. I tried it again with this Care Bears alarm clock and did not have the same outcome. Oh well. I also sold a dancing Frankenstein monster, a Hanna-Barbera Valley of the dinosaurs comic, toy soldiers, and some sculptured candles. Plus, at the end of the video, I draw my daily autobiographical webcomic. This is a video of my daily life since I decided to sell collectibles and pop-culture items I collect on eBay to help support my art career instead of taking on freelance work. Store link: More vintage pop-culture items available in my eBay Store - Was sad that I had to ship out this dancing Frankenstein's monster! You can see it do its thing at the beginning

Lost tracks.

I had to re-record the whole session which wasn't the end of the world but enough to warrant a Charlie Brown style yell.

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