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I would rather have seen it running away but I guess seeing nothing there is good too. This also reminded me of an animated short I did a while back called Chipmunk. -

Summer sun.

It's getting warmer at least.

Night club.

Just to be sure I did call the landlord and he said that was not happening.


That was the thought going through my head as I was just going about my day. And it is weird to have someone in the house while I'm at work.

Meep moop.

I just felt like addressing the room.

High school friend.

I usually pick a direction and start pedaling. This time I ended up in one of the nearby towns and got lost.


But she did get the name right on the check so that's good.

What have you got there?

True story.

Fire Alarm.

It kept going for like 15 minutes before the fire department showed up to turn it off.


Who's jamming to my nasty groove!

TV genres.

Well, it was funny to me.

Mouth full.

We've all done it. But why do we do that?


I think the mixture of all the old stuff in the house and the old people sitting at the bar in the middle of the day made me think of it.


Still wondering if we build something or keep looking for the right items.


The rain eventually stopped.


It's not like it's going to stop happening any time soon so I think it's good to figure out something to fix it.


I kinda had no reaction to it all really. Ironically, I'm currently watching the 2001 television series The Tick with Patrick Warburton.


I think maybe we were just tired.

Open mic.

I know it's corny sounding but it really happened.


That was weird right?

Dog food.

Dexter says he thinks the stuff he's putting on Spike's boils seems to be working though.


When I got closer there were already about five or six people helping out with the car. All the cars at the intersection were stopped at the light. I'm not sure how it even happened?


I forgot that she used to do that. I would know we got something from her in the mail right away because of it.


It felt weird hearing all those other doors lock at once right after that.


I just kept thinking why wouldn't they put it next to the garbage can?

Bone machine.

I thought listening to the Bone Machine album would give me a little nostalgic boost. It kind of had the opposite effect.


The interview I had was with a person named Matty Sheets . It was one of the people that contacted me through my mailing list so I knew nothing about him which made it kinda fun.

Gallery night.

There were a bunch of exhibits we wanted to check out but truthfully Mike and I haven't gone out for a beer together in years. So it was still a good night.


The landlord was ok with us saying no he just told the person he would ask. I guess they never confirmed on one of the other places and thought they did and their party was tonight.

Mail out.

I really didn't think I would get so many responses. But I found out about a lot of cool artists that I want to talk to in the next round.

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