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Several releases.

I guess it's better than having nothing to do.


I started to think he was messing with me or something.


It was just walking down the sidewalk chilling out when it came by my car.

Birthday candles smell.

I'm pretty sure the building wasn't on fire.

Video space.

If we were an air band then we would have tons of room.

Podcast guest.

I wish I was a guest on more shows it's much easier 😁 I was interviewed about my band. You can check out the replay here

I've Been Selling Artwork from Damaged Vintage Books

Over on my vintage vlog on YouTube one of the main things I love to collect and sell are old illustrated books.

Huge bunny.

It really seemed unphased that my car was driving right toward it.

Sales pitch.

That's the first time I've seen someone yelling it out in the open like that.

Capturing Spontaneous Musical Ideas On Recordings - Music Documentary (Part 2)

A short clip from my music documentary. Part 2 of a music documentary I've been working on for my band In a previous post , I mentioned that the song " Slippery friction " by my band Lorenzo's Music started out as part of a library of loops that we were creating.


Maybe they were a lawyer?

Bottle rocket sound.

My first thought was someone was shooting them at me. 

"I Can Only Miss You" by Lorenzo's Music: A Moody Experimental Lofi Rock Dirge

Stream the song on your favorite services here 🎶 I'm in the process of releasing a new song every month for the next 12 months with my band Lorenzo's Music , an experimental lofi rock band.


I felt compelled to squeeze its nose every time I walked by it.


I'm going to have to do this many many times.

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