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Is that weird?


I'm not sure why I started doing it.

Google sheets.

Trust me, this was a big deal.


I'm hoping I don't jinx it somehow. Ha! I don't write the word jinx often it looks funny.


Sometimes when things start to feel pointless like this it inspires me to do something more. I'm hoping that's the case.

Uncle Jesse.

I wasn't quite sure how to take that compliment? And I'm not sure if he does it as Jesse or Jessie? I didn't feel like looking it up.

S03 Episode 8: Rachal Duggan, Illustrator

Listen: Apple Podcasts | RadioPublic | Google Podcasts | YouTube I met Rachal Duggan at the Tone Madison anniversary party. She had a table set up to do butt portraits. People would turn around and she would draw a picture of their butt. Afterward, I sent her a message and asked if she would want to meet and talk. We decided to get together at Madison Sourdough in her neighborhood. During the interview, two surprising things happen. We ran into Hailee from episode 4 and I learn Rachal is one degree of separation from the very thing that inspired everything I'm doing here. Website - Follow Rachal on Instagram - @radillustrates Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice by Ivan Brunetti on Amazon - BTW , here is the Instagram story she posted of our portrait along with the bumper sticker we bought from her.

Same person.

The fact that she noticed it too made me believe it was the same person.


And why did people keep agreeing to help the guy on his quest? There was no reason for them to do that?

I love pizza!

He made a pretty enthusiastic point. I couldn't help but agree.

Chef documentary.

It was a cool thing to see in my inbox today.


I know it's dumb but I always miss out on the new ones just by like a few weeks. I swear.

Article pic.

When I was a kid we always drew KISS makeup on the people in the newspaper. Just keeping the tradition alive. (Or alive II if you're a KISS fan). You can check out the actual article here - Cap Time Article


I think my response was just "Well done!" And you can check out my band's mixtape at

S03 Episode 7: American Trash, Graphic Design

Listen: Apple Podcasts | RadioPublic | Google Podcasts | YouTube I found American Trash while looking at stories located in the Madison area on Instagram . I liked the style. It reminded me of the type of skateboard art that has always appealed to me. I sent him a message and we ended up meeting each other at the Johnson Public House . American Trash on Instagram - And in the opening pop up interview this week - I meet Finn who makes soy-based candles. And don't forget to check out: " Rom-Comm Mixtape " the new release by my band Lorenzo's Music

Second pop-up.

It seems normal to get irritable if you're nervous, but it's definitely not what you want when you're about to have conversations with dozens of people.

In back.

I was like some rambling crazy person. Just walking into a place all sweaty saying stuff that I'm sure made no sense to the poor person behind the counter. She was very nice about it.


When I was done I had no idea what I said anyway. I'll have to wait and read it to see if I made any sense?

Louis Prima.

The lyrics to the song "Just a Gigolo" by Louis Prima are actually really depressing sounding when you write them out. But damn if it isn't a fun song to belt out!

Buzz kill.

We both had really cool things going on today, but the fact that we wanted to finish these books days ago killed our buzz. It's silly really.


Actually, it was the ones that she put together, but whatever.

Ain't too proud to beg.

She's pretty awesome.

S03 Episode 6: Gavin Folgert, Animator

Listen: Apple Podcasts | RadioPublic | Google Podcasts | YouTube I went to a local animation meet up in February and afterward  Gavin had posted a stop-motion short he made on the meet up's Facebook event page. I've only made 2D animation and have always wanted to try stop-motion. So, I reached out to Gavin to learn more about what he does. He met with me at the Colectivo Coffee Shop on Monroe St. After the interview we got together and made this little claymation short film. Also, another one of my pop-up interviews, I meet fabric artist Stacy Stone . You can view Gavin's portfolio at Fetch by Gavin Folgert & Tom Ray


When I can't figure out why something isn't working it can occupy my head all day until I figure it out.


I know all about it but it was the first time seeing it.


The mixes passed the test. Finally ready to move forward with the new release for my band Lorenzo's Music .

Yankee Rose.

I had a brief conversation about David Lee Roth with someone the other day and that sparked it.


I doubt the cost would have put FedEx Kinkos out of business.

Lunch break.

Sometimes coming home for lunch has the opposite effect.

And you?

We've started to notice this a lot when we go places. We are clearly together, talking and everything, but they always think she is by herself when she orders something.

S03 Episode 5: Eli Quinn, Illustrator

Listen: Apple Podcasts | RadioPublic | Google Podcasts | YouTube Eli had contacted me through the American Bandito Facebook page . He's an illustrator and also tells me about work he's done as a 3D artist for game design. And it turns out he created the artwork for the Madison band Droids Attack as well as the artwork for their new microbrew from Ale Asylum . I got a chance to sit down with Eli in his neighborhood at the Barriques in Fitchburg. Plus, in my pop-up interview this week I meet someone I already knew Sarah, and learn that she worked on a film that was in the Wisconsin Film Fest that I had no idea she was involved in called The New World Horror . You can check out Eli Quinn's work Facebook - Storenvy - Also, don't forget to subscribe to my comic blog -


Seriously, right in the middle of the forehead. Super hard not to itch it 

Old Dealer.

He did a double take when I passed by him like he recognized me but couldn't figure out why. We both just kept walking.

Sinking feeling.

Nothing bad seems to have happened that I know of.


I almost expected her to ask if someone should check in on me.

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