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The basic response I have received from the realtor is, that's too bad. Police have not responded, I was forwarded to the self-report line which is just a voicemail.


They just put a plastic bag of crab on your table. It was soo strange but really good.


That section just always seems out of stock.


End of July always becomes "glass half empty" time for summer in my mind.


Fans are just supposed to be big propellers that blast air in my opinion.


Sometimes I want to yell it at the doctors when they are telling her what they need to do. Like I'm a kid on the playground. It just feels like they're trying to hurt her. But I know that makes no sense.


It's odd because for the first surgery it seemed like it took forever to get in. Now it's just too fast in our minds.


It was all very mysterious.


I felt bad, but the reaction was pretty amazing. We both laughed about it after.

You are beautiful.

I was out riding my bike the other day. For some reason, I decided to take a different path than I normally do. On East Washington Avenue I saw three people, one of them was on a ladder. They were just finishing up what looked like a mural that said "You are beautiful" on it. I stopped and decided to go ask them what it was. Listen to the whole story and find out. Download the audio mp3 audio Next month I'm going to be releasing a podcast about things just like this. It's called American Bandito. The concept was this - I put up an ad on Facebook that said "Are you an artist in Madison? I would like to talk to you." And that was it. There was no pre-screening, people signed up and I scheduled an interview with them. I wanted to know about people that are making art, people that are just starting out, people that are trying to get back into it. I know very little about the art community that's happening in my own town and I wanted to change

Sleeping pic.

Not used to seeing pictures of myself sleep.


I just wasn't really sure how I was supposed to respond to that statement :)


I thought I had missed something in the conversation. But I didn't want it to seem like I wasn't listening.


I hear so many new words since this began I can't keep track of what's good and what's bad.


We were originally going to make a table out of it. But now we think it would look cool as a headboard above the bed.

A little off.

The doctors and the list of things they want to do keeps growing.


She usually names our things the way Pee-Wee Herman does -- like we have a plant she calls Planty. I thought this name was pretty clever.

Movie Night.

The popcorn she brings is very necessary.


She literally went "whoo!" Like when they say your favorite band is coming to the stage. I'm sure it hurt but it was pretty funny to hear.

Son's band.

I still have one of his songs stuck in my head.

I just put it out there.

I decided why not? I was creating this daily journal to share with my wife to show her how much she meant to me and I wanted everyone to know it. When I first heard, I thought she was going to die. Then what? Then nothing. What have we done? What do we want to do? What's holding me back from just expressing myself. I told her that night that I wanted to share it. She told me I should, because that is the type of woman I am with. So I did.

Patio door.

We knew it was gonna rain.

Confusing call.

Since the surgery, we've had a couple of talks with him where it seems he's kind of absent minded. Which worries us.


I wish we would have thought to bring her along sooner. As I've pointed out before I have a hard time being at the doctor .


Truthfully, I kind of figured I wouldn't know how to do it properly.


She felt so bad that she woke me on the weekend. I guess the payback was she did have to get up and go to work soon.


It was just one of those days where it seemed like I must be invisible. People were almost walking into me everywhere I went.


They keep giving us options, talking about radiation, chemo and still talking about a possible mastectomy. We thought they told us none of this would be needed after the surgery.

Off and On.

Pretty much all we got.


The timing was perfect. I wish I could see how it turned out!

Row Bot - In progress

When looking for inspiration I like to check a few daily sketch groups. They post an idea of what to draw each day. Sometimes if I get a good idea from one of them I try to build on it a little further. This one was from the Sketch Daily subreddit. July 3rd - robots in disguise from SketchDaily I instantly went for the pun. Or at least a pun in my mind. Get it? Row Bot? He's Rowing? In Da Skies? Come on! It's brilliant! Anyway, I liked the way it looked so I think I'm going to paint this and use it for my next print. Here are some of the places with daily drawing suggestions I use: Sketch Daily subreddit Daily Draw Subreddit Deviant Art/Sketch This (using the Autodesk Sketchbook App ) I'd love to hear other places to get ideas from, let me know in the comments below.


I was wondering why he kept moving around. At first I thought he was shooting video. He was right, it would have been weird if I was in the background of the picture.


I cried uncontrollably. It felt like I had been holding it in this whole time.


I just realized this is the second time a turtle has just randomly shown up in the past few months .

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