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Happy Halloween!

Drawing a Halloween webcomic while listening to old-time radio horror stories

Having some fun in this short clip from the drawing session.

Got them.

Will this stop the aliens?

Octopus attack.

We're riding octopuses!

Safe room.

Is it octopuses or octopi?

Get away.

Not safe yet.

Danger freeze ray.

A near miss.

Space aliens.

Are we about to be frozen?

Collaborating to Create Music During the Global Shutdown - Music Documentary (Part 1)

Screenshot from the music documentary -via Lorenzo's Music Website   I've been making a music documentary for my band During the pandemic, my band Lorenzo's Music came up with a creative way to collaborate remotely by using open-source tools.

Underwater capture.

Well, look at that... aliens underwater? Continuing my Halloween story.


Let's go on a little adventure 😁

Dad joke guy.

I'm not even sure he was sitting with anyone.

An animatic storyboard music video. Music & animation project

I made an animatic storyboard for a music video My band  Lorenzo's Music  released a  song called Slippery friction . A new plugin called Storypencil was recently released for the  Blender animation software  that I use. It lets you create storyboard animatics in the program.

Tree noises.

I didn't see a bat but I'm pretty sure it was real.

Found some Power Rangers soap. A clip from my vintage YouTube vlog

Here are a few things happening in my world this week. Power Rangers Soap from the 90s Over on my vintage vlog on YouTube : I went out hunting for vintage toys, games, and books for my collection. One of the things I found was these Power Rangers bars of soap from the 1990s still in the package!

Nature sounds.

I don't know how they think a song by a four-piece band is a collection of nature sounds?

YouTube comment.

It also said something about aerosol cans. It was all very confusing. Also, you can check out the video on YouTube here .

Fountain drink.

I'm sure this was an isolated incident but still.

Password reset.

She's very impatient when it comes to football.

Estate sale buyout.

It took an hour to drive up there so I couldn't really make two trips.

Wifi error.

We never noticed how much we used it until it stopped working.

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