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I knew this moment was going to happen, I'm sure she was afraid of how I would react.

Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice

The best cartooning is efficient visual storytelling it is as much a matter of writing as it is of drawing. In this book, noted cartoonist and illustrator Ivan Brunetti presents fifteen distinct lessons on the art of cartooning, guiding his readers through wittily written passages on cartooning terminology, techniques, tools, and theory. Supplemented by Brunetti's own illustrations, prepared specially for this book, these lessons move the reader from spontaneous drawings to single-panel strips. Here's a snippet of the book. This is the book I am currently using for my cartooning lessons. It helped start this whole site.


I can't imagine what it must feel like for her. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't me causing it.


It was my first day back at work, so we met for lunch.

First look

I was worried how she was going to feel the first time she saw it.


Our son and my sister-in-law were there. But I feel I was mostly silent.

Day before

We just keep looking at each other and waiting.


The book was from the 1960's. The child who wrote it could very well be a grandparent right now.


We won’t be able to fall asleep the night before as it is.

Bassliss Flyer

Another poster I made using the digital painting I made on my phone.

Digital Painting

A digital painting I did.


She actually did jump and whack me when she remembered this. It was like Elaine from Seinfeld.


The dreams are at it again.


One week until surgery. Tensions are getting high.


She said it was like a sudden downpour. I guess I must have been thinking of other things.




My phone

There has to be a word for the process of tapping your pockets looking for your phone.

Text conversation

It really did take her mind off of it. Wouldn’t it for you? ☺


I knew the second I saw his shirt a girl did it.

Dog and cape

Also, the guy with the cape was talking like he was on the phone with someone, but he didn’t have a phone up to his face. And I didn’t see a wire for a headphone either. So that just added to how great it was.



This doctor was the one that gave us our second opinion. The one that seemed more confident and made us feel in control again . The woman at the insurance agency was very understanding and said she will try to help us out.

Spike flyer for Bassliss.

I was messing around with some flyer artwork ideas for my son's band Bassliss. The one concept that came to mind was doing a drawing of his dog Spike with a mohawk. This was the final outcome. At first, I had a more detailed drawing I was going to use. But while I was talking on the phone with someone I doodled this quick sketch of the dog sitting down. It was simpler and I just liked it more. Seems more punk rock to me; a distorted blown up pen drawing for a flyer. Also, do you spell it flyer or flier? I can never remember.



It turns out it was a playground. The red chips on the ground caught fire. But, then it went away as fast as it appeared.

Road rage

Seriously, I saw no change in how she acts driving.


My dream version can be such a jerk.

Crazy house

The thumping was the strangest thing. What were they pounding on in unison?

Old sewer

I miss skateboarding. I listened to the Descendents album "ALL" in honor of the old place.

Date set

It's going to be a lumpectomy. We hope this may be all that has to be done.

Salad bar

And the dog was scooting his butt right by the salad bar. Maybe that was the problem?

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