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Very cold.

I feel it would be wrong of me not to acknowledge the stupid weather we are having as the year comes to an end. Especially given my disdain for winter overall.

Screen press assembled.

I found a very quick video with no audio of a guy putting one together on YouTube, which kinda helped. I still think some of the screws are in the wrong place, but it works.


It was a place I had talked to her about contacting before. But the first time they said they didn't have any openings.


The press was a  Superland Screen Printing Machine , the wording on the sheet only tells you what it can do. It's the strangest thing, why would you send it that way.


My final two weeks at my last job all I did was show up. I didn't owe them anything.

Back at it.

The holidays are nice but it can delay the things you want to do a bit.

Record player.

The song I put on first was "Who's loving you" by the Jackson 5 . I never knew the names of the songs growing up. I just recognized them by the label on them.


It was something written on the ornament that got them started. All the husbands and the grandsons just kind of looked at each other confused. It was like a laughing cry that broke out between the women in the room.


I would tell you what it is but I don't want my wife to know yet.


The term to me seems like something that was thought of by people that clearly aren't from here.

By chance.

It was really cool just to hear about the commissions they're doing.


First I just wanted to reply that he was being a dick, but I realized that wouldn't accomplish anything. Maybe I could learn something from him rather than argue. Not sure if that's wise or not?

Radio Silence.

At first, I thought it was because they were waiting until she went back in for the week. But she worked all day and still heard nothing.


It was just watching him fall for 5 minutes in slow motion flailing around trying to stop as the ground came closer and there was nothing he could do.


I think change needs to happen.

Christmas shopping.

I always feel like I'm moving out of people's way. Don't other people do that?

Got distracted.

They were actually there to see " The Disaster Artist " and not "Star Wars".


I had just woke up and not really sure what was going on. And truthfully this isn't that out of the ordinary for her to do from past interactions we've had.


I really do dig hearing about when she does stuff like that.

Hell yeah.

I think I finally got the right combination of the light and exposure times for the screen. I was starting to feel like I was just incompetent at it.

Music travel.

The album was " Frank's Wild Years " by Tom Waits in case you were curious.


It's not a bad smell it just lasts for about a week.


Truthfully, just him remembering that at all was surprising in itself. We already ordered a new one.


I thought it was just a latte with fancy whipped cream. I felt like I had just ordered an umbrella drink at a bar.

Drummer's birthday.

I walked up and asked him to play a show with us in January when he was done.

Next steps.

The thing I hate is just going to be part of our lives now. My mind still doesn't like thinking about it.


It was 60 degrees yesterday now it's below 20 degrees.

Survivor Questionnaire.

Seems weird to answer questions like "How would you rate your experience?" How about terrifying?

Home again.

I love going places and seeing new things but there's something to be said about being around your own stuff.

Nashville tourist.

How could they tell? I would only say one word. Did we look like tourists?

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