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Blood draw.

Then they did the blood draw and I almost fainted this time. It happens to me randomly.

Worn key.

They said I would have to send the ignition to the manufacturer to get a mold.

Sharing the Stage with a Musical Hero

Tom Ray with David Hidalgo of Los Lobos - via I recently had the honor of sharing the stage with one of my biggest musical influences, David Hidalgo . Tom Ray on stage with Lorenzo's Music at the Gamma Ray in Madison WI - via Not only did we get to open for him, but I also got to chat with him about his music and creative process.  You can read more about the experience on my band's website -

Show day.

I seriously never thought I would have ever met David Hidalgo. Read more about what happened at the show on my band's website here!

Google assistant.

When yelling doesn't work I try changing the pitch of my voice but I didn't know how to draw that.

Moving buildings.

It didn't register in my head when I first saw it.

I'm playing a show with Greyhounds and Steve Berlin and David Hidalgo of Los Lobos! So I made a flyer

The flyer I made for the show I'm playing with Greyhounds and Steve Berlin and David Hidalgo of Los Lobos On Sunday, June 23rd my band Lorenzo's Music will be playing a show in Madison opening for Greyhounds which will be featuring David Hidalgo and Steve Berlin of Los Lobos . 

Keys stuck.

Or it's just dumb luck that it came out. By the way, my sixth webcomic book is out now on Amazon in eBook and paperback! Read - "Then This Happened...: An Unexpected Trip" on Amazon

Unexpected music opportunity.

I'm going to be playing a show with the band Greyhounds and joining them on stage will be Steve Berlin and David Hidalgo of Los Lobos! When I started my band Lorenzo's Music one of the biggest influences behind the whole thing was an album released by one of the artists who will be playing at this show David Hidalgo. He started a music project called Latin Playboys and it kind of changed the way I think about music. I wrote more about this musical influence on my band's website here .

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