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I even forgot it was Saturday at first.

Three years ago.

Today was just a regular day but starting my podcast back in 2017 really did kind of change my life.

Seems plausible.

I even thought for a second "how do I do that again?" Like there was an app in my head I would search for.

Stuff to do.

I figured I could wait to do my stuff a bit longer.

Opening a mystery box of vintage/retro items from an online auction - Tom Ray's Day 200805

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Searching for retro and vintage items for my online business I bid on these boxes from an online auction. It's been a few weeks since I won the items. I forgot that I even got it. Watch as I go through this box and find out!
Plus at the end of the video, I draw my daily autobiographical webcomic.
More vintage pop-culture items available in my eBay Store
This is a video of my daily life since I decided to sell collectibles and pop-culture items I collect on eBay to help support my art career instead of starting a Patreon or taking on freelance work.
Music in this video by my band Lorenzo's Music listen on Spotify -

Song progress.

At the very least this time I didn't absolutely hate it. So I think that's progress.

Not there.

I don't know why we think it will miraculously be there the second or third time we look.

Vocal work.

I think I recorded like 9 different ideas.

Popsicle tire.

Then I had to drive around not using my germ covered hand looking for a place that I could wash up.

Superman City Under Siege Book and Record Vintage Artwork From 1978

I love collecting vintage illustrated books mainly because of the artwork in them. But I also sell these things in my eBay store after I find them. 
Among my collection of pop-culture things I also have a very large comic book collection. And these are always better when there is a record involved. So here is a read-along book that’s actually in comic book format! 
This is a copy of the vintage Peter Pan Records book called "Superman: City under siege" from 1978. 
It doesn’t give credit to the artist so I have no idea who did it. But this is one of those things where it's a fantastic collection of audio, visual and pop culture that I love to find. 
If you would like to see more of the books that I've collected from resale shops over the years I also sell them in my eBay store.
And for fun, I even added the audio to play on this page.