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I was never able to catch it. 


I've done that before. As if putting them in is the last step in my mind. 


We eventually got the song the way we wanted it. You can listen to our latest single on Spotify and other platforms

Music podcast idea.

I can create a YouTube playlist with the talk segments and the official music videos and people can just play through them all. It could work.  Otherwise,  people who have Spotify subscriptions can still listen here .

Guest segment.

I really love his show so I was excited to do it. 

Debbi Kenote: Painter - Tom Ray's Art Podcast

Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | RSS On this podcast episode, I meet Debbi Kenote . Debbi is a New York-based artist who creates paintings on their own unique canvases. We talk about how Debbi got started, how they discovered the style they make, and the different opportunities they have had since showing work publicly.

New song.

You can check out the new song here it's a dark drone funk slow dance type of groove.

Thinking ahead.

Hoping to keep ahead of the process.

45 mph.

I guess honesty works cuz they just gave me a warning.

Laptop screen fixed.

They were very helpful in getting this figured out. I never would have got this done on my own.

Wham doc.

I also learned that careless whisper was one of the first songs they ever wrote but didn't release it until like the second album.

Estefania Velez Rodriguez: Painter - Tom Ray's Art Podcast

Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | RSS On this podcast episode, I meet Estefania Velez Rodriguez . Estefania is an American artist born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico living in New York. Her work often uses abstracted landscapes as well as non-objective visual spaces that are somewhat open field and bright. Estefania experiments with raw pigments, spray materials, oil mediums, and acrylic polymers. Her painting language ruptures visual spaces to open the viewer's receptivity to fleeting spaces, times, and emotional presence. We talk about Estefania's work, getting the word out, and having their art used in different areas and mediums. Links Estefania Velez website Estefania Velez on Instagram 📙 Get my webcomic book "Then This Happened... Going outside again" now on Amazon as an ebook or paperback 📬 Join my email list to get a call out for artists when I'm b


I didn't know how they were staying in its face. 


Or just a scammer.

Third try.

I've never had so much trouble replacing a part on a computer before.


Although rendering video in Blender is already pretty slow but this is even slower.

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