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This is the first time I've noticed the skin burn they warned us about. Also, she does have a tendency to make sound effects when she describes her procedures to me.


I drive by the graveyard every day and I always feel like I need to say hi to them.

Hot and cold.

We are half way through her radiation treatment.

Sticker print.

Trying to see if they hold up before testing them out using silk screens.


I was recording the stream for them and realized that it lost the connection after the second song.

Good dog.

Things seem to be turning around for our dog with his medication.

Glove season.

Anyone who knows me is aware of this seasonal occurrence. I wear gloves pretty much all the time until it's warm again next year.


They gave us a bunch of pills for it. He's drinking water but still won't eat.

Sick dog.

He's getting up there in age. I really hope he just ate something that didn't agree with him.


The hardest part was trying to figure out how to start. I didn't want to make it sound like my mom was upset about it.

Stephenie Hamen

In the last episode this season, I meet Stephenie Hamen. She does crafts and helps teach people how to do them. But when it comes to her personal artwork she likes to paint and make things that are more abstract. Listen to this weeks episode: Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts (iPhone) , Google Play (Android) and YouTube . A post shared by Stephenie Hamen - Artist (@stephenie_hamen) on Oct 6, 2017 at 10:31am PDT Find out more about Stephenie  (under redesign)


I'm sure it seemed like a good idea. I can even see the logic behind it. Chalk it up to a learning experience.

Day off.

They choose the number of days for a reason I guess. I thought maybe it was a reward for doing so well?

Why not?

I wasn't expecting that response.


He told me that they had been trying to figure out all week why the house was so cold.


Created a 30-second spot in around 4 hours. If you can believe it, that's actually not a bad turn over.

Scream therapy.

I don't even know what they were yelling about in the dream. I just remember they were in my face screaming.


She powers through and I can see how tough it is. But we won't let it stop us from doing things.

Sharon Bjyrd

This week I meet Sharon Bjyrd Sharon is a painter who moved here from Chicago. She started out going to school for commercial art, which I realize is what we called it before it was graphic design. The story for the inspiration that started her interest in painting? Grace Jones. One of my favorite reasons so far. You can see more of her work on her Instagram . Listen to this weeks episode Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts (iPhone) , Google Play (Android) and YouTube . Some of Sharon's work A post shared by Sharon Bjyrd (@ethniq1) on Sep 22, 2017 at 11:40am PDT Visit her shop at


I knew he would enjoy the show. I just didn't know he would have already know about it. I was glad he was there to do that with us.


We both had very different interactions with people we didn't know today.


It's an alternative to the GEMA licensing restrictions they have in other countries.


I couldn't react, she was stealing my bit.

May cause...

It's like those drug commercials where they talk about how it helps something, then they say " It may cause..." and rattle off side effects for like 30 seconds.


It's dumb. And I know I'm being stupid but sometimes I just get to a point where I beat myself up mentally. I need to tell myself to knock it off, but I don't. Even explaining it sounds idiotic.

Greg Proops.

I just looked up and he was there. He did just fist bump me and went about his shopping. I thought that was kinda cool. You can 't really tell who it is from my drawing so here is a picture.

Hanifa Debling

This week I meet Hanifa Debling. Hanifa had a career in banking. During that time she went to school for Jewelry and Silversmithing. She made jewelry and other pieces for friends. Then, when she retired from banking she decided to launch her own boutique line. You can visit  Bittersweet and Hanibling by Evie Designs on Facebook Listen to the episode: Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts (iPhone) , Google Play (Android) and YouTube . Some pictures of Hanifa's work Mentioned in the show: Alexander Calder - Get hand-painted text on a shirt by Madison artist Salma Carreon Go to - ---

Gallery night.

Is it weird to buy a portrait of yourself? Nah, I didn't think so either. Tom, Brigitte and the portrait. Here is a photo I took with the woman that did the portrait, Brigitte Boucher . I talked her into doing the "Deal" handshake pose.


I don't blame her for looking at them all the time. It is strange to keep stickers on yourself.


Glad that we could help. But of course, it would be better if no one had to learn it.


I always stand there trying to decide which router would be the best. As if I'm not just going to buy the cheapest one.


It's the last part of This all but it's still hard to process it.

Brain Sinus.

I would sit with all these kids from other schools I didn't know and hang out on the loading dock while we all waited for our parents to pick us up. Get a copy of the collected comics from May 2017 on Amazon.


It's a much more casual version of a Comic-Con but still pretty enjoyable.

Jake Jensen

This week I meet Jake Jensen. Jake is a house painter that has the luck of being able to use an endless amount of art supplies thanks to his job. He recently changed the entire concept of what he makes because of an obsession he has with something smaller. Listen to the episode: Subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts (iPhone) , Google Play (Android) and YouTube . Some pictures of Jake's work Referenced in this episode DrawingWiffWaffles - Video What I actually meant to reference was... Draw So Cute - YouTube Channel Get a hand painted shirt by Madison Artist Salma Carreon Go to -

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