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Call out for artists!

I’m going to be recording more interviews for the podcast over the next couple of weeks

Times are Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm central time. And it’s open to everyone who wants to sign up!

Book a time on my Facebook page

Book an interview here!


Even though I'm trying to get back into art, I've actively been creating and performing music most of my life. In fact, all of the music used in the podcast is by my band Lorenzo's Music.

Spaghetti Mid-Western by Lorenzo's Music

New EP Available Now

album cover image
You can listen to the EP on Spotify, Apple, YouTube and more!
Click here -

Here are some of the full versions of songs used on the podcast which are available on the album Rom-Comm Mixtape.

It's an experimental artistic venture. A collection of songs and sounds that have been a personal expression of life.

The project was created using nothing but open source software and tools, right down to the operating system on my laptop, Ubuntu Studio. It's also released under a creative commons license, which means it is free to use for your own projects.

- Tom

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