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Forgetting something.

It felt like I finished quicker than usual.

Bass part.

I love it when a plan comes together.


Somehow I always seem to have just the right amount of boxes I need.

Fake facts.

I love doing this 😄

My Early Podcasting Setup: A Breakdown of Tools and Equipment

In the early days of my art podcast, when it was solely an audio-based show, I relied on a combination of tools and equipment to record and produce each episode. Here's an expanded breakdown of the setup I used when I first got started: Recording Setup: 1. Facebook Messenger Video Chat: I actually use Facebook Messenger's video chat feature to talk with people on the podcast to this day.  Although I didn't record the video footage when I first started, having the ability to see the person I was conversing with during our discussions was a valuable aspect for me. I'll share more about how I use it for the video podcasts I do in the future. ( Related post: Evolution of My Podcast Video Lighting Setup: From Webcam to RGB lighting ) 2. Microphone: For capturing audio, I used a Shure SM58 microphone. However, it's important to note that any microphone compatible with your computer can be suitable for recording.  As a musician, I had several Shure SM58 microphones read

Auto correct.

At least it was spelled right I guess.

New idea.

Thinking about making a new fiction comic.


I liked it but I just made it sound like one of our songs. Here is a link to the page to get the stems and remix our songs by the way 😊

Just walkin'.

At least it was tolerable outside.

Angel Manuel Lopez: From Comics to 3D The Digital Art Journey - Tom Ray's Art Podcast

Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts | YouTube Podcasts | Spotify | RSS In the episode of the Art Podcast, I meet Angel Manuel Lopez, an artist who goes by the moniker Son of a Saint. Angel's story is not just about his 15-year journey as a digital artist; it's a narrative of transformation and relentless pursuit of excellence that begins with a young person's love for comic books. As a child, Angel's father a truck driver, would bring him stacks of comics, sparking his interest in drawing and storytelling. This early passion laid the foundation for what would become a dynamic career in digital artistry. Angel's tale is a testament to the power of self-education and the determination to stand out in a sea of talent. Angel shares how he taught himself Photoshop, delved into the intricacies of 3D modeling, and mastered the art of branding. This led to creating movie posters and garnering press attention from the likes of the New York Post and the Daily News. Li

Tablet reset.

And it reset all my pen settings so that was annoying. 🙄

Ring repair.

The next place I went to was able to fix the ring.

Moth ball house.

Aside from the smell it was like a cool old haunted house.

More than words.

Cuz I already know.


I think I just slept funny. But she did actually slap my face once while she was sleeping 😄

How Starting An Art Podcast Transformed My Creative Journey

A few years ago as an artist and musician, I was seeking to rekindle my passion and reconnect with the artist community.  I embarked on a journey that not only transformed my artistic endeavors but also provided a platform for others.  What did I do? I created an art podcast that I could produce right from home.

Jesse Mangerson: From Cartoons to Canvases The Painter's Journey - Tom Ray's Art Podcast

Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts | YouTube Podcasts | Spotify | RSS Have you ever wondered what it takes to pivot from one artistic discipline to another?  On the latest episode of the art podcast, I meet painter Jesse Mangerson . Jesse's story begins with aspirations of becoming an illustrator, a dream that took him all the way to an internship at the prestigious New Yorker magazine and into the world of children's book illustration. But as they delved deeper into his craft, Jesse encountered a profound realization: their true passion was not in illustration but in the act of painting itself. Jesse shares how their experiences in illustration ultimately led to the embrace of fine art painting, revealing the meditative joy Jesse finds in direct observational work and the rich textures of oil paint. Jesse discusses the nuances of commissioned paintings, the balance between artistic integrity and client expectations, and the unpredictable path of selling artwork throug


And our air gap is fixed finally. You can listen to the song I released here -

They're implanting thoughts in your mind man!

While drawing my webcomic on a live stream I was listening to an episode of the old-time radio show "Suspense" from the 60's. Suddenly the announcer did this PSA I was not expecting. 😅

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