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Hey Chris!

That didn't really clear things up, but it was entertaining.

Window film.

The adhesive smell was really strong too.


I wasn't even sure I was gonna post this. Right now I just feel crappy.

KG Fletcher: The Singing Romance Author - Tom Ray's Art Podcast

Listen to this podcast episode on   Apple Podcasts  |  Google Podcasts  |  Spotify  |  RSS On this episode of the podcast, I talk with Romance author and singer KG Fletcher from Atlanta GA. Not only is KG Fletcher an author but is also a backup singer in the National Tour, "Remember When Rock Was Young – the Elton John Tribute." KG has written several romance novels and has even been listed as an Amazon best-seller. Links KG Fletcher's Website KG Fletcher on Instagram KG Fletcher on Facebook 📬 Join my email list to get a call out for artists when I'm booking interviews! Support the show! Check out the vintage pop-culture items available in my eBay Store Check out the other things Tom Ray does too! :) - Tom Ray's webcomic - Tom Ray's graphic novels "Then This Happened..." - Podcast Music by


He kinda said the same thing when I called. 

Xylus and Dexter in Space! Special Episode - Cartoon animation

A special episode of my animated cartoon series Xylus and Dexter in Space! Here is a special episode of my animated cartoon Xylus and Dexter in Space! Concept In this Episode: Xylus and Dexter read a review posted by a viewer of the cartoon series. It doesn't end well. ( Related post: Xylus and Dexter in Space! "Mirror, Mirror" Episode 6 - Cartoon animation ) Backstory Yes, this was a real message I got from a kid online (at least I'm assuming it was a kid?) about the cartoon, misspellings and all. It didn't just tell say that they disliked the cartoon, they added insults too. And I'm under the impression they thought the kids in my cartoon -- made the cartoon. So I thought it would be funny if I did a behind-the-scenes "Special" where the boys read the letter. Artwork I redrew the background artwork from the previous episode's cliffhanger storyline.  I added stage lights and a TV camera to show the behind-the-scenes setting for the episode. Ca

Sound card set up.

It just feels more like an accomplishment when I create something, not fixing something.

Dusty train.

I'm not sure why I didn't think the dust would fly everywhere?

David Van: Running The Madison Makers Market Pop-Ups - Tom Ray's Art Podcast

On this episode of the podcast, I talk with David Van who runs the Madison Makers Market  for artists, crafters, and creators.  I had originally met David when I talked to him and his partner Meagan on the podcast about their company Tacocat Creations . Back then David had just taken over the Madison Makers Market. Today I talk with David about what the Madison Makers Market is, how people can get involved with it, and what it's like to run your own series of pop-up events for creators and artists.


Note to self, if I ever need a weird ass light bulb again go to Grainger on the east side of Madison.

Sparks fly.

So now I have to find a light bulb that can handle the voltage.

Burnt out.

Turns out it's called a bayonet bulb.

How do I fill out the title info when publishing my book on Amazon KDP

What information do I put into Amazon KDP when I'm uploading my webcomic book? First what I need to do is I need to download the book that I created in google docs. I download it as a docx file. I don't know why they added the "x" to the Microsoft word documents file extension? Then I go over to Amazon KDP and I choose "create a book". I choose to create it as a paperback. The first step is adding: the author info  a description of the book That information will be used for the Amazon page where the book is going to be sold. Then I also need to choose a category for the book on Amazon. Amazon KDP only lets you choose two categories.  I just added two categories that are sub-sections under comics and graphic novels. I chose non-fiction and general. I choose that because these comics I make are actually true! So it is non-fiction. Check out this video for more I made a video talking more about this and the whole process of making my webcomic book. You can chec

Xylus and Dexter in Space! "Mirror, Mirror" Episode 6 - Cartoon animation

Episode 6 - of my animated cartoon series Xylus and Dexter in Space! Here is episode 6 of my animated cartoon Xylus and Dexter in Space! Concept When we last left Xylus and Dexter they were being shot at with a giant lazer by what they think is the ghost of Phineas Handala. ( Related post: Xylus and Dexter in Space! "Laser tag" Episode 5 - Cartoon animation ) Artwork By this time I had purchased a Wacom tablet and was "roughly" experimenting with drawing the storyboards directly on the computer. The storyboard is drawn on my Wacom Animation I was still reusing the character elements I had created for the previous episodes of the show. I would arrange them the way they were laid out in the storyboards I drew to animate them. But I did create one new drawing that was needed for the story in this episode of the cartoon, a mirror for the boys to hide behind. A front of the mirror And a back of the mirror for them to hide behind Audio This episode had little dialog and

What helped get his detective novels noticed by publishers - Paul Leonard Williams, Tom Ray's Art Podcast Clip

What process helped this writer get his novel noticed when submitting it to publishers? I met the writer  Paul Leonard Williams on my podcast . Paul writes a detective novel series and he told me one of the things that he discovered that not only helped his writing but also helped it get noticed by publishers. You write a whole book and now you're gonna put it out there. I don't know if you started with the publisher that you have or if you were putting stuff out there first? I was very very lucky in that I had a friend who used to be in the industry.  He was a screener. So he was the guy that decides, does this go in the circular file or do we want to pay this attention.  So he told me some wonderful things that really helped me out.  First of all, you got to grab the screener's attention, the publisher's attention in the first two paragraphs. If you haven't they're probably not going to make it past the first page or the second page and you're forgotten ab

How I cut up a band practice livestream into a video song collage

How I took footage from band practice, cut it up for parts, and turned it into a song. I filmed my band Lorenzo's Music working on an idea for a song one night during a two-hour practice session. The key thing about this idea that made it all work is that we had a click track running the entire night.  A click track ran the whole time even when we weren't playing We had headphones placed around the studio and the click track was constantly running whether we were talking or actually playing it was always running. So that way no matter what ideas we played throughout the night, whatever parts that we came up with whatever lines I chose to use in the finished video they would still work with each other.  Because of the click track when I placed them side by side in the video editor they were easy to match up and cut. How I filmed it using a private Facebook group So here's what I did. I came out to our studio one day and showed the guys just an eight-bar idea that I had on t

Construction is done.

Been waiting so long I feel overwhelmed now. About the train that is, not the bathroom.

Paul Leonard Williams: Writer, Detective Stories and Martial Arts - Tom Ray's Art Podcast

In this episode of the podcast, I talk with writer Paul Leonard Williams . Paul has written a series of detective novels based on his central character Gideon Jones. But as we talk I find out that the idea for these stories started in high school but he was talked out of trying to be a writer by his parents. So for many years he actually went into the field of martial arts before deciding to reconnect with his original passion to be a writer later in life. Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | RSS Links Paul Leonard Williams Website - Support the show! Check out the vintage pop-culture items available in my eBay Store Check out the other things Tom Ray does too! :) - Tom Ray's Daily webcomic - Tom Ray's graphic novels "Then This Happened..." Podcast Music by Tom Ray's band Lorenzo's Music , listen on Spotify

Spooky portraits.

They look like the kind of paintings of vampire goddesses they would resurrect in an old 60s horror movie.

Car bee.

I swear this happens to me several times a month.

Dollar bills.

I couldn't think of another way to get their attention before they crossed the street.


When they listen they must have at least a list of things they're looking for they could share?


Usually squirrels are pretty jumpy and erratic. This one moved slowly like a cat. Like it was sneaking.

Meet up.

Just felt weird to do that after our transaction was done.


There were no other signs around that I could see either.

Chain smoker.

I'm hoping the smell will go away eventually.

Music forums.

Anyone who's bought a new musical toy to use can relate to this process.

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