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Xylus and Dexter in Space! "Mirror, Mirror" Episode 6 - Cartoon animation

Episode 6 -
of my animated cartoon series Xylus and Dexter in Space!

Here is episode 6 of my animated cartoon Xylus and Dexter in Space!


When we last left Xylus and Dexter they were being shot at with a giant lazer by what they think is the ghost of Phineas Handala.

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By this time I had purchased a Wacom tablet and was "roughly" experimenting with drawing the storyboards directly on the computer.

picture of a cartoon storyboard
The storyboard is drawn on my Wacom


I was still reusing the character elements I had created for the previous episodes of the show. I would arrange them the way they were laid out in the storyboards I drew to animate them.

But I did create one new drawing that was needed for the story in this episode of the cartoon, a mirror for the boys to hide behind.

A front of the mirror

illustration of boy with a mask and a mirror by stone wall

And a back of the mirror for them to hide behind

illustration of two boy dressed as superheroes


This episode had little dialog and was more or less just a sight gag. My kids just really wanted me to find a way to work a fart joke into the story.

This episode had little dialog so it involved a lot of timing with the sound effects. It was an experiment in a way to learn to time a cartoon with only action in it on my end. 

But at the end of the episode, it was a means to propel the story into the next act.

So, in the next episode, I foray into the realm of going all digital with my cartoon creation and drawings.

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