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Hallmark store.

I don't mean they started bringing out the Christmas decorations. The whole store was full on in Chrismas mode.

Change of scenery.

I thought it would make the drive back to work less depressing. It didn't.


With the new music show I'm starting and the next season of the American Bandito it was time to think about how they work together.


I actually walked several places today.

Doing things.

I think I have so many things I want to try in my head. I just want them to be happening right now. Is that odd?

Here I sit.

There was even a sign that said they check it every 30 minutes to ensure everything is satisfactory for the customers. Last time I trust a Taco Bell.


Merijoy was confused at how many songs I knew. She didn't know me when I went through my metal phase in middle school.


It was an odd way to start a conversation asking for help.

Look like someone.

It's like the perfect prank. I seriously just thought all day, who in the world was she thinking I looked like?

Mobile app.

Kind of a neat thing to find out.


We were listening to them, they were listening to us. I feel like both tables just powered through so we wouldn't seem rude.


I'm starting to feel a little better again about the things I'm doing.


I kept thinking about that and feeling bad. I had a podcast interview today and I feel like my head had a hard time focusing on it.


I can only describe it as wet garbage.


There was nothing that should have triggered thoughts about Garbage Pail Kids but there it was.

What to do?

One idea I have is to ask people familiar with what I'm doing questions. What things do they like? What do they think would be interesting to see?


I don't link that the weather is changing. But I do like walking around the neighborhood in the fall weather.


She was very proud of it.


It was oddly soothing.


He said that it took quite a bit of effort for them to pull the tooth out which must have sucked.


We'll pay for it, but dammit we aren't going to make the appointment for him. That's where we draw the line.



Merijoy sets her alarm so say good morning to me before work so I have a nice start to my day. I felt like mixing up my drawing style a bit this time.


He was just being funny.


She ordered foam to put under them. Maybe that will keep them from falling.


Even if they just did one comment each time I would be okay with it. But they find several different posts and do the same thing.

Dog food.

I'm confused why he couldn't go himself but it's nice that he worries about his dog.


But it also told me it was Tommy Wiseau's birthday. Not sure what that's all about.

I'm a cat.

it was just the first thing that came to mind.


I feel bad for them but mostly it would be kinda gross to step on one.

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