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I was just researching different print on demand options when I contacted them before. They are clearly on top of their game getting back to me a year later.

Phone conversation?

Truthfully it could have been either one.

Mind wanders.

Then the fact that it made me laugh makes me laugh.

Now what.

It's like we're both kinda freaked out that we got this far with our idea. To the point of possibly doing it.

Grade school memory.

I wasn't quite sure how to process all that.

Checkout counter.

I wasn't really sure why the person behind the counter would care. But they did ask.


Ok, we knew he had his car there too long. We were actually surprised how long it took before we got the note.

Meeting people.

After thinking about it maybe he thought I said "Free Snickers"?


Just missed it.


We ended up finding something I liked better. I just wish I would have noticed it sooner. The pop up we are doing is Friday and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. So we got a lot to do tonight.


I start thinking that way when it gets cold outside.

Booth set up.

I felt like I didn't know what to do with it the last two events we did. This time it feels more right. Come and visit us at the  Madison Makers Black Friday Market & Pub-Crawl this Friday, Nov. 23 in the Brink Lounge .

Still thinking about it.

All this because we wanted to meet other artists. I'm really glad we decided to give it a try! If you want to learn more about the show subscribe to the email list before the next season begins -

MST3K in real life.

It was a strange way to meet someone that's for sure. I didn't realize they had two shows in a row so I didn't get to meet up with him afterward which was too bad. You can check out the cartoon I made for Grant on YouTube Here is the actual photo that was taken. Tom Ray & Merijoy at MST3K Live!


It was almost comical. Or maybe it is because I put it in my comic.


Turns out I was right. They found the kid.

A nice email.

It's so touching that we were able to help someone, even if it was just a little bit, as they go through a difficult time.

MailChimp landing pages.

Glad we found that out. I was going to give him access to my account at first. Good thing I didn't.


If I couldn't keep the people that wanted to be involved focused, how was I going to build this? I needed to write out exactly what it is I wanted to do.


The place was crowded and I didn't leave something at the table. So I couldn't really get upset.

You help?

The building she was looking for was the only other one on the street. When I pointed she didn't seem to understand what I was pointing at for some reason?


That was nice of him.


Afterwards, I can never explain what we just did. But it makes sense when we did it.

Vote sticker.

He just kept looking at me when I didn't take one?

Pilot light.

We called her brother-in-law to do it. I wasn't touching that thing.

Brush pen.

It's silly but it seemed like I drew differently when I used it.

Judd Apatow.

It looked like he was walking up to peoples houses on the street. Not sure why.

Missed it.

I was actually kinda bummed we forgot too.


I didn't want to sit down at a table since I couldn't order anything. Then I realized that was dumb.

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