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It must have rolled with it when swooped down to grab it. I was fascinated and terrified at the same time. 

Google alerts.

I thought it was kinda neat that they thought it was worth so much though.

Mighty con.

I felt like it was a weird choice of music.

Dan Hardesty: Illustrator, 3D Art and Webcomics

Dan Hardesty is an artist in Pennsylvania who does illustration and also makes computer 3D artwork that actually gets created and 3D printed for live stage sets for performances at the Sight & Sound Theatres a production the performs live stories from the bible. We talk about how Dan went from drawing to illustration to eventually creating these large set pieces. Dan is also starting a new webcomic on his Instagram page called The Almighty Sandwich .

Country roads.

I was also looking forward to seeing a few of the coworkers I still keep in touch with.

New phone.

Then I felt bad that it just hung up on the person like that. But hey, got my phone to switch.

Mysterious invoice.

I was able to dispute the charge. But can someone really just ship something and invoice someone at a different address like that?


Even though the doctor said it I just really wanted the official answer.


It sounded like clipping a fingernail. They're still sending it to get checked but he thinks it was a calcium stone.

Corn fest.

Just been kind of wandering about to different places the last few days.

Jamal Moore: Musician, Deeray Music - Tom Ray's Art Podcast 210822

Jamal Moore is a blind independent R&B artist that lives here in Madison, WI. We talk on this show about how in the past few years Jamal decided to pursue what he really wanted to do, make music. He's been recording song ideas and releasing them on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook and trying to promote what he does. His ultimate goal would be to find a group of other blind artists to help them too so he started his own label called No Sight Entertainment.


I'm still not sure how to feel yet. And when I'm worried, my hands and feet get really irritable. So holding a pen to draw just feels weird right now.

Joseph Arruda: Illustration, collage and mixed media - Tom Ray's Art Podcast 210815

Joseph Arruda is an illustrator in San Jose, CA. We talk on this show about the work Joseph does and other things like Illustration influences, the pens he likes to use. Plus, new things in life like finding a creative space and how in recent years mixing traditional art along with digital is something he is growing to like more. Joseph makes large mixed media collages as well and in the past worked for the art website DeviantArt .


I'm going in next week to have it looked at. I keep feeling it with my tongue.

Water on the floor.

Had a blanket and rug on the floor that got a lot of it of course!

Down the street.

It went from sharing information to sounding like a scene from Seinfeld.

Art and Asanas: Painting and teaching classes - Tom Ray's Art Podcast 210808

Art and Asanas is an art studio in Ringwood, NJ that teaches a combination of stretching and drawing/painting for kids and adults. The focus is on drawing, brush techniques, mixing paint, posture, form, and breathing.  The gallery is run by Lynda Edwards who I've had on the show previously and today she brings along Kait Carter works with Lynda at the gallery.  We talk about how the Art & Asanas gallery is evolving and what it has been doing over the past year.

Origami wallet.

So let's just focus on the part where I'm telling you I make my own wallets.

After a few hours.

Why can't I tell that I don't like it before spending so much time on it?

I run all around town trying to find this dumb thing! Tom Ray's Day 210803

My day starts out simple enough, buying a lot of vintage comic books I go to meet a guy to buy a bunch of vintage comics. That turns out to be a bust.  But then I get a notification on my phone that I sold something that I listed about 2 years ago. The problem? Where the hell is it? I drive all over the place looking for it. This is a video of my daily life since I decided to sell collectibles and pop-culture items I collect on eBay to help support my art career instead of taking on freelance work. Visit my pop-culture store! You can check out the 100s of vintage toys & books in my collection Visit the store


It wasn't drastic enough to draw my hair differently in the comic though.

Caps lock rage.

I'll get passive-aggressive messages from time to time but this was a new experience.

Stephen Lee Rich: Singer/Songwriter and Vaudeville - Tom Ray's Art Podcast 210801

Stephen Lee Rich is a singer and songwriter living here in Madison. Stephen has been playing music since the 1970s and has done so many things since then. We get together in my own band's studio to talk about what he does, how he got started, and how he ended up moving to Madison. We also talk about how he plans to start an internet variety show.

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