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I remember the hail I saw when I was a kid seemed like jawbreakers.

Trance music.

I mean, I don't really like trance music but he didn't even ask.

Thanksgiving walk.

It really was silly to expect places to be open.


Going to an interview.

I'm just going to accept the January date they gave me an hope that doesn't change.


I mean, I did stuff. It's just where to start that always gets me.


There was a lot of 3D printing stuff as well.

Taking pictures.

That's another reason why I do this comic, so I can at least remember things this way after the fact.

Being paranoid.

For some reason, I felt like finding an alternate parking schedule on my windshield was someone being passive-aggressive towards me. And of course, right after drawing this someone responded to me about being on the show. So I'm just being paranoid all around.

Great grandma's birthday cards.

Then it occurred to me that my birthday was tomorrow. What an odd coincidence?

The State.

Still makes me laugh though.

Text message.

My birthday is coming up on Friday and the funny part is after getting her accidental text message about me even I didn't have an answer for her.

Winter in other places.

I've gone on vacation during the winter in other places in the past but I've never really paid attention to what it's like.

You were just here yesterday.

Do people not go to coffee shops two days in a row? It can't just be me.

Pretending it's not cold.

I don't get the whole pretending it's not cold thing.

Email from an old friend.

I literally told her about him just a few weeks ago.

American Bandito Pop-Culture Roadshow for Nov 15, 2019

YouTube Channel eBay Store This is another one of the pop-culture roadshow episodes where I go over some of the stuff that I've collected and talked a little bit about them and see if I can't learn something. Archie Bunker's Grandson Joey Stivic Doll This is a weird thing from the 70s, Archie Bunker's grandson Joey Stivic . It's a doll, it's a baby doll. Archie Bunker had a grandson its name was Joey Stivic and to capitalize on that the toy company thought, “how do we make toys for kids to buy for Archie Bunker? The show that all kids hate.” The toy touts itself as a drink and wet doll and is a physically correct male. And they weren't kidding. The doll is in the package with plastic over its head which is kind of disturbing to me. It came with diapers a bib and a bottle. You basically fill the bottle with water put it in its mouth and then that water would trickle down in

Montage music.

Thinking back I feel like that show was the first to start doing that to wrap up multiple show storylines and then people began using it all the time.

Video show.

I've done a few on my YouTube channel already. I'm calling it The American Bandito Pop-culture Roadshow . Couldn't think of a better name really. 


I need to figure out where I want to start with all the ideas I have.

Snow drive.

I don't know why I always talk myself into going. I think it's a Wisconsin guilt thing maybe?

Ghost voice.

I first thought a ghost was announcing itself to me when I heard that over the speakers. Also, I had been thinking about how I'm trying to do something with the things I create but I really haven't had the capacity to follow through the way that I want. So maybe it's time I really try.


maybe it's just the winter setting that made it feel like that. And the artist was Triangulador who I've been following for a while now.

Last place I look.

It was in a box for a Kermit the frog Christmas ornament which made no sense at all.

Grey pants again.

Seriously, the grey pants thing is real .

First sale overseas.

I've never sent anything bigger than a letter over there. So I can't tell if that price is normal.


I was turning left and started going forward and kinda realized I didn't know if the light was green. Like it was a four-way stop or something. 

More delays.

I just want to get in there to set up so I can start using it to record and work on stuff.

It started with grey pants.

Seriously every time I wear the grey pants it happens. And the candle did smell more like leaves than the perfume ones I had found so far thanks to Tammy at Hatch Art House ! And the blue lights on the backpack were the kind that when I look at them the color is so blue and bright that it feels like I can't focus my eyes on them. Does that make sense?

Halloween clearance.

I can't decide if I should be sad or happy about that.

Burning leaves.

I suppose I could try just burning actual leaves but that doesn't seem like something I should do for some reason. I miss having a real fireplace.

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