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Tomorrow it will have been one year since we found out she had breast cancer.

Wacky kids.

Just goes to show, kids like saying "Hi!"


Sometimes after a nice day, I'll just get a weird melody in my head. I think I'll remember it but I never do. I forgot it while drawing this.

Popcorn dance.

It's been a few months now and she still does the dance. I do find it odd the smell reminds me of that particular place.


It was this tiny little voice too, just expecting her dad to be happy to hear from her.


It's the club where we got the door he let us take home to use for our headboard .


It's like "what a nice day" and then "gah I'm all gross".


It's not really that she didn't have the answers. I think that I'm just jealous.


The image on the wall was pretty epic. You can view the actual thing on Instagram -

Holy crap!

First, there are a few people I talked to who know who the person is because I never thought it would happen so no spoilers please! And second, it was Hari Kondabolu that I saw, seems he's performing at the comedy club on state street tonight.

Merijoy says.

How could we have never played Jane's Addiction for him? I mean we took him to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queens of the Stone Age & Mars Volta when he was 10 years old. How did we miss this?

Set up.

Merijoy runs events and sets things up all the time, me not so much. I'm pretty much relying on her help.

Insert name here.

I like to entertain myself by finding ways to add my name to songs. It's the middle of April and it's been snowing all week so gotta do something.


He had sent me the lyrics and the story was so oddly similar to one that I wrote a while back. But I'm sure it's just me.


Since they were dead does that mean someone put them there? If so, why did they have maggots?

What to draw?

Something like this maybe? I dunno.

Scorpio mug.

I even jokingly thought to myself I should grab this before someone else does.


At least I don't think it's a finger. Now that I'm thinking back on it I'm not sure. Wait no it isn't. Is it? Still an odd conversation.


Everything kind of connected for us today in a weird way.


She's always helping people she's employed over the years. It made sense to me at least.

Band shirts.

I'm not sure if I like the way the design looks with white ink on a black shirt.


Normally, spring makes me feel like getting a new haircut. But with all the snow and cold that's still going on, I don't know what to do with myself.


Did a lot this weekend. It's like the weekdays are getting in the way of doing stuff.

Making things.

I've never done an event like this before and I'll admit, I'm a little nervous.

Bus ninja.

I seriously have no idea how they got out of there. And my car wasn't scratched or nothing.

Missing car.

That would have really sucked if the car was stolen. I chalk it up to a long day working at the film fest.


It just snowed last night and its the middle of April. I think i just feel like everything is going backwards because of that. It's like December outside right now.

Jelly beans.

Still learn something new about our family to this day.

Pick me up.

I just felt like it.


I jinxed it by saying it out loud. I cleaned the screen and started over before I messed up more of them.

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