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Well, we thought it was funny at least.


It's not a bad thing it's just different. I never got this far before.

Theatre chairs.

The place the guy had with the theatre seats was filled with lots of other cool stuff and it kind of changed our mood.

Some history about artist Alex Toth

So recently I decided I was going to try and learn something about each item in my toy collection and the artwork behind it . Kind of like my own impromptu art history class. Then I'm going to sell it so I can start collecting more! :) Moltar One of the first things I put up for sale was this Space Ghost Coast to Coast Moltar Action Figure from back in 2000. By the way, I learned a valuable lesson when shipping this item to the person who bought it. Never let the people at the post office touch your collectibles! The Space Ghost Coast to Coast show actually used the original artwork from the Hanna Barbera Space Ghost cartoon from the 1960s. Those characters were designed by Alex Toth . I knew his name but didn't really know anything else about him. Here is a sketch I did of Moltar on my phone. So I decided for my first art history lesson I would do a little bit of research on Alex Toth . he died at his drawing table on May 27, 2006, from a heart attac

Dropped calls.

She was calling me to tell me she got the keys to our new place.

Why I'm starting my own personal "Art History" course.

This is something that I've been meaning to do for a long time. So, Me being a guy that's into comics and animation, it's not that far fetched that I was an avid toy collector. I bought all kinds of neat toys and stuff up until about 2005. The reason I stopped doing it? I told myself I collected them because they were valuable and I could sell them for more money to other collectors. But I never did. And I couldn't justify buying these things anymore if I wasn't going to sell them. Plus, I was running out of places to put them. This picture is only about 1/4 of what I have. There is way more scattered around our house and in storage. Truthfully one of the real reasons I collected all this stuff? I thought they looked neat! I got them because I was inspired by them and thought I could study the style of it to improve my own drawings. Which I also didn't really ever do. So recently I decided I was going to follow through on that thought. I&#

The first.

Kinda freaking out a little.

Board games.

I thought that was really cool how him getting this old game meant so much to him. This is the Bonkers! game that I'm talking about. -


He said we could tell them no, but this seems like a pretty good alternative.


I started with a bunch of games that I had.

Estate sales.

The store we went to after the estate sales is called The Regal Find . I was actually going to introduce myself to her, but getting recognized for my silly comic was kinda neat!


The worst part was when I said "No!" she thought I meant I didn't mind and started shoving it in a small box.


I guess at least now that means he has to help me.

Car hi.

Still gonna keep doing though.


I'm not crazy for thinking that was silly right? I just sold the item to someone else.

Local pick up only.

I told you the auction site was overwhelming.


It's just so many moving parts once you get started. Is it odd it feels like gambling?

3 am.

Normally a call like that would be that something is wrong. So I was okay with it being a misdial.


At first, it was actually saying to sign into your authenticator app use your authenticator app. Too secure for its own good.

Call screening.

It turned out the call I blocked was from the intercom system in our building,  I've had trouble with that before . When I unlocked it I could make calls again which makes no sense at all.

Phone breathing.

I think he rests his face on it.

Animating my logo to look like it’s being hand-drawn.

Using the free and open-source graphics program Krita. Basically, I wanted to create a logo that looks like it’s being drawn. I took the American Bandito Logo decided to try it in Krita because they just added animation tools. Krita is a free and open source graphic software program. The method I use in the video is: I create a transparent layer under the logo. I’m gonna create my animation on that transparent layer as a color mask. So I can see what I’m animating I create an automatic selection so the dashed lines will outline the image from the logo. And grow the selection 3px. (Selection > Grow). On the transparency layer underneath I fill the whole thing with black. Boom! Now it’s hidden. I use a brush tool to draw the animation. The color needs to be opposite of the fill we did to start showing the areas I’m going to draw. So I use white for the brush. I’m doing the animation at 12 frames a second and on the twos (every other frame) cu


I'm not even really that familiar with how to hook up projectors. Not really a powerpoint presentation type of guy.


She thought they were just little baby bell peppers.

Weather today.

I keep asking and then ignore the answer. Even now I want to say it said 34 and sunny maybe?


I was hoping to do more stuff but I just had to figure out how to fix the video timing or it would bug me.

Skateboard weather.

I was even trying to remember if I still had my skateboard or if we got rid of it when we moved a few years ago.


I kept thinking I must have eaten something weird last night.

Blown engine.

Either way it's gonna sit in his driveway a while.


Also, this is like the millionth time his car has broken in some manner in the past year.

Calorie count.

It's like a quest to find something that's below 200.

Getting coffee.

I mean I assume people say that to her all day at a coffee shop.

S04 Episode 9: Emily Balsley, Illustration, Murals and Publications.

Today I get to meet Emily Balsley . She's a full-time self-employed artist whose illustration work I really admire. We've tried to get together to talk a few times. When she started working on a mural here at the University of Wisconsin , I stopped by and we were finally able to get together and talk. Listen Listen on: Apple Podcasts | RadioPublic | Google Podcasts | Spotify | YouTube Links Instagram: @emilybluestar


The day also got gloomy as it went on.


Which is pretty good. But is it strange I thought it would be more? Although I have many more boxes to go through.

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