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Why I create a free website for all my ideas

screenshot of a webpage
A screenshot of my website

Every time that I get an idea for a business I want to start or a new creative venture I think I want to do, I create a new website for it.

One of the reasons that I do this is because I want to see if I'm even excited to keep on working on it. From time to time new business ideas will pop into my head and I think - "That's a great idea! I'm gonna make a million dollars!"

So, I create a quick and free website for these ideas. The reason I do this is to be my own critic of these new concepts.

I check to see if I'm even really excited about the idea

What I mean by that is, that I make this website for my new idea, and if I can't think of anything to post about for it, or if I create the website and then I post one thing and then I run out of ideas... It might not be as great of an idea as I thought. 

That's also why I use a free website service for them. Because I don't want to waste a bunch of time and money on the idea.

And that's it. I want to see if I can post more about the new subject.

If I have an idea for a new business and I want to make a website out of it, I should be able to talk to that. I should be able to post about it and write more things about it. My experiences with it, why I like it, or why I want to create it.

Posting about my website idea helps me in the long run

The other thing about seeing if I can think of things to post about these new website ideas? This helps my website to get found in search of course. 

I want to post more about what I'm trying to do to get more traffic from searches on Google and possibly sell more items based on visits to my websites for the idea the website is based on.

So, I want to make sure that I can post more than five articles about it when I create a new site.

I post things over time

I don't have to think of what I post on my new website ideas all at once. I can take my time, spread it out, and maybe come back to it in a few days because it's just an idea for right now.

Launching my website only costs $12 a year

These websites I create start out free and nobody's heard about them yet. I'm just trying them out. 

After I've populated some posts on my websites I decide whether or not I want to launch it. If I think it's a good idea or I want to go forward with it then I launch it and buy a domain.

Plus, the site already has a bunch of content that I started writing from over the time that I was trying out the idea!

If I'm still really into the idea of a website I created and I want to move forward with it? Then I buy a domain which usually only costs about $12 a year.

What do I use to make my websites?

The website service that I use is connected to my Google Gmail account. It's owned by Google and it's called

Screenshot of a website

Once I've populated the site I made with Blogger I can buy the domain directly from the service itself and off I go!

Now I have a new website for my new idea. 

I've made quite a few websites this way. I have a bunch of different sites. I have tons that I haven't even launched that didn't make it to the final process, but it was all free.

I just wanted to share what I've been using for websites

I just wanted to share why I create these websites for all of my new ideas and what I've been using. Also to add that it can actually be pretty easy and cheap to do if you were looking for an option for yourself.

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