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When you find a drawing you don't remember doing

illustration of man walking in red shirt and grey pants
I don't remember drawing this picture

A Google Photos drawing surprise

I set up all the drawing apps I use on my phone and tablet to automatically back up what I create to Google Photos

The main reason is to save it of course.

But the other reason I back up my drawings to Google Photos is that it has a memory feature. I get an alert each day where it tells me I have photo memories that I can look at.

Along with the pictures I took, I'll see random sketches and drawings that I did that day in years past.

I like thinking back on some of the artwork I did and sometimes a drawing that I forgot about that inspires me to continue working on it again.

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I don't remember why I drew this

But this sketch right here, I don't remember doing at all and I don't have any idea what I was trying to do with it?

I like the drawing but it just raises questions

  • Is it a person I saw? 
  • Did I just make them up in my head? 
  • Was it an idea for a comic or cartoon?

So, why did I draw it?

I have no clue. It's not a character I've drawn in the past and it's not in my usual style and to tell you the truth, looking at it I feel like I couldn't have made it. But when I look at it I can tell it was drawn by me, so why was I drawing it?

I feel like I had some great idea for it in my head that is now lost forever.

But I like it and I wish I had a better story behind drawing it but I don't.

And if I didn't back this up to Google Photos I pretty much would never have seen it again 😁

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I have it tied to the railing but it still fell.