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Sylvie Rosenthal: Sculptor Building an Artistic Business Online - Tom Ray's Art Podcast

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In this episode, I meet Sylvie Rosenthal, a woodworker, sculptor, designer, and educator based in Madison, Wisconsin. Sylvie discusses their journey from New Haven, Connecticut, through various cities, and how a residency led to setting roots in Madison for love and grad school.

We explore the complexities of managing a studio, creating large-scale works, and the challenges of storing and shipping unique pieces.

Sylvie reveals the intricate thought process behind their art, touching on themes of trade, extraction, and the shifting landscapes of botanical materials. The conversation also highlights Sylvie's recent endeavor, launching Lower Astronomy Studios' website—a platform showcasing their small production line of home goods and educational kits for kids, as well as a space for sculpture commissions and custom furniture work.

Sylvie passionately speaks about the importance of supporting independent studios and the radical act of purchasing handmade work. They also share insights into their teaching philosophy, emphasizing the significance of manual dexterity and the empowerment of marginalized individuals in woodworking spaces.

For a glimpse into the life of a studio artist who juggles commissions, educational initiatives, and personal artistry, tune in to this episode and be inspired by Sylvie's dedication to craft and community.


Sylvie Rosenthal's personal website:

Lower Astronomy Studios:

Sylvie Rosenthal on Instagram

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