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Pop Culture Toys Roadshow Sept 24, 2019 - American Bandito

Alright so... Here is another video in my Pop-Culture Toys Roadshow type thing that I've been doing, where I go through the collectibles I've acquired over time.

A great way to live... A tragic way to die by Earl Nightingale

So I got this album it's called "A great way to live..." by Earl Nightingale. But it's also "A tragic way to die."
image collage
It is a spoken word album, this man Earl Nightingale is talking about the perils of driving. It's supposed to be instructional. But here’s the thing, it comes with a quiz book that has pictures of horrible car accidents in it.

The entire album is Earl Nightingale talking and at first, it's kind of like, you know, driving is one of the easiest ways to get hurt and you need to be careful, etc... Then about halfway through the album, he kind of starts going off on a rant.

He starts saying things like:
The person who gets aggressive with an automobile is often more than just an ass. He can be sick.
And things like:
1 out of every 10 cars on the road today is being driven by a person who is mentally or emotionally ill and who needs help. A good percentage of them are certifiably insane. Will you remember that? 1 out of 10. This is why driving defensively so important.
And he just goes off from there and then there's a side 2! So it's an amazing album because of all that.

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes and Rice Krispies Ceramic Cereal Bowls by Houston Harvest from 1999


I found these two ceramic bowls. Actually, I posted them and all of a sudden people started bidding on them, like fighting over them? They're super cool. But yeah, They're ceramic Frosted Flakes and Rice Crispies Bowl from 1999.
Let's see what else do I have?

Oh! This thing! E.T.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 8" plush doll by Showtime Toys from 1982


So this is E.T. from 1982. This is actually a vintage E.T. plush doll has the tag, although the tags a little bit ripped up. Found it in a bin full of just regular toys and then underneath there was this super old E.T. toy.

Clown Bank!


Ceramic clown bank. I've seen other of these online and I don't know if they were painted by people after they got them? cuz it looks super messy. But I looked it up online and there are several other ones that are painted just the same way. So maybe it's more assembly line where they're doing it really fast so it's so sloppy? But like the lines are all over the place.

Nabisco and Pillsbury Tin Recipe boxes from 1973 & 1983

image collage
I don't know if people use recipe boxes anymore but I think these are cool, especially the artwork on these. One is a Pillsbury design from 1983 one is a Nabisco design from 1973. So, 73, 83. What did they release one every 10 years?

The Nabisco box artwork is like a "See the world's largest shredded wheat!” roadside looking type design.

The Pillsbury box artwork is kind of more old-timey looking.

They’re tin, they look neat and you can keep crap in it!

Devil Head Candles


No idea the story behind these, I just like them. They are devil candles. Actually, I think that the little trays that they're on are probably worth more. I just like the cartoony heads look they have.

Ring-a-clown the new ring toss action game. Action by Cadeco.


Ring toss! So that is Ring-a-clown “The new ring toss action game” by Cadeco from 1971. You stand these clown pole things up on the game board and throw rings at them from across the room like a carnival game. You know, the basic concept of ring toss.

And It's freaky looking.

Jim Henson's Muppets - Color and Recolor Game Cloth


That is called the Color and Recolor Game Cloth, it’s from 1975 and this one features Jim Henson's Muppets.

It's like a trash bag but you would put it over a table and then color on it and then you do the activities on it wipe it clean and then do them again. And this one's for the Muppets.

It even has the original non-toxic wipe-off crayons. Although I'm sure you can use your own non-toxic crayons as opposed to the toxic crayons we all know and love.

Half the trouble was trying to remember how to fold this thing back up when you were done?

That's stuff I got to show right now. The end.

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