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Breakable eBay Items, Books & A Facebook Live Musical Interlude - Tom Ray's Day 200407

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In this video, I show a few of the retro and collectible items I sold in my eBay store. Then I show a clip from my band Lorenzo's Music playing a live stream performance. Plus drawing my daily comic diary.

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Burger King.

I'm pretty sure I left when I saw that. But now I can't remember.

Turkey eggs.

I have no idea why that popped into my head.

Stephen Lee Rich: Singer/Songwriter and Vaudeville - Tom Ray's Art Podcast 210801

Stephen Lee Rich is a singer and songwriter living here in Madison. Stephen has been playing music since the 1970s and has done so many things since then. We get together in my own band's studio to talk about what he does, how he got started, and how he ended up moving to Madison. We also talk about how he plans to start an internet variety show.

Locks changed back.

I guess the locksmith just saw a train and thought, it must be that one! At least the mystery is solved .