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How I Edit My Podcast Pt. 1 - Tom Ray's Day 200415

I did a live stream from my Facebook page recently showing how I edit audio together for an episode of my Tom Ray's Art Podcast by splitting up the interview into segments and adding music cues. Plus a brief look at how I draw words on my cover art using the Google Keep app.

The episode of the podcast I'm editing in the video is with artist Jenie Gao - 

The audio editing software I use is called Ardour -

Watch how I create the artwork and turn the audio into a video in part 2 -

Listen To The Podcast


Julia Hacker: Painter, Mixed media and Fashion Design - Tom Ray's Art Podcast 210725

Julia Hacker is an artist in Toronto Canada who moved there from Russia where she worked as a fashion designer. After trying to find work in Canada Julia started a fashion design boutique of her own. Julia always drew and created artwork and later on after the shop closed decided to go into painting.

More loopin'.

I want to expand on the music I make that gets used in games and videos and stuff.

Turkey eggs.

I have no idea why that popped into my head.

Locks changed.

He called me back and said he didn't know why they would have changed. He was going to try and find out what happened and get back to me.