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American Bandito Pop-Culture Roadshow for Oct 15, 2019

The American Bandito Pop-Culture Roadshow is a video series I started where I check out all the pop-culture things that I've collected over the years try to learn a little bit about them and maybe why I wanted them in the first place and learn a little history about the stuff I like.

This episode is gonna be Halloween themed.

Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Desk Lamp

It's got itself an alarm clock with digital display because... technology. I don't know why but it has a mouth that opens and closes for no reason on the head. And the light switch is a little bat that you move back and forth. This item was made by Touchstone Pictures, at least that's what it says on the bottom.

You can get tons and tons and tons of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff like on everything and some of the over saturation is due to the fact that the rights - and this may come as no surprise - have been given to Hot Topic. So Hot Topic just basically puts Jack Skellington on everything.

The history of Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton actually first wrote Nightmare Before Christmas as a poem. He wrote it while he was working at Disney on the movie “The Fox in the Hound” as an animator or something which I think is both hilarious and fascinating.

He had sold the poem to Disney so they owned the rights to it and they kept saying, do you want to make something out of this? Then, later on, he basically said, hey I want to make that movie now. Disney said, okay here's a bunch of money! And threw it at him. I think that's how it went down at least that's my interpretation of it.

Vintage Roly Poly Plastic Clown Toy The First Years from 1972

Okay so here's a question, clowns used to be on all kinds of things. And there were even famous clowns like Bozo. Then all the sudden clowns are like creepy everyone just basically goes I don't care for clowns. So when did that happen?

Anyway, I have this roly-poly toy by The First Years from 1972. Roly-poly toys were a concept that's been around forever. What it is, the center of gravity for it always brings it back up when you knock it over. The whole point of them is because kids learning dexterity can play with it by pushing it and it won't roll away. So they can continue to play with it by themselves. I think so parents can ignore them and walk away and their toy will still be there?

But I still want to know when did clowns become scary cuz people used to love them?

SpongeBob FrankensteinPants Ty Beanie Babies from 2004

This SpongeBob is dressed up as Frankenstein. I love the fact that he's got little corks for bolts on his sides.

SpongeBob was never actually Frankenstein in any of the cartoons. This character was first introduced in the comic book version of Spongebob Squarepants. It was an alter-ego he had.

Then, later on, there were two internet games that were made specifically for this character. There's no rhyme or reason as to why this character has its own game, it's just a jump around game and it just seems to be in a graveyard. In the game, he just jumps around and goes “Grrr!”

So there actually was a background for SpongeBob FrankensteinPants and it’s not just a ‘hey let's make SpongeBob Frankenstein for Halloween’. He actually has his own subculture and stuff

Vintage 1984 Set Of 5 Gremlin Adventure Books with 7-inch records complete

This is a five-album set of the full storyline starting with “The gift of the Mogwai” Each one is a read-along book that has a 7-inch record but it plays at 33 rpm. It's got the pictures and you read along with the actual album itself and it does the turn the page sound effect.

The person who wrote Gremlins wrote it in college and it was not meant to be a film. It was something he just wrote to show people that he could actually write a plot. What happened was he passed it around to get writing work and Steven Spielberg got a hold of it. He read it and said, this is the most original script I've ever read in my life I want to make it a movie! So good for him.

Steven Spielberg ended up producing it and hired somebody else to direct it. During that time period in the 80s, there was this weird thing that was going on where they would release a movie and a book version of the movie at the same time. Someone was hired to interpret the Gremlins screenplay as a book and that person decided to take liberties with the story.

If you get the book for Gremlins the movie instead of the like sort of mystical Mogwai… It's aliens in the book. So if you read the book it says that basically, gremlins are aliens that come from outer space. Of course, the studio disowned that book when the movie came out and we're like how could you write that?

Oh! And Howie Mandel did the voice of gizmo in the movie, it was like the voice he did of Bobby in the cartoon Bobby's World.

Vintage Halloween Pandora the Witch Byron Mold Statue from 1980

I've got this at an estate sale it is a ceramic witch statue and it's got a hole in the bottom so you can put a light in it or a candle or whatever.

Carved on the bottom it says “Jack Zirngible” and 1980. And I was like, oh than’s who made this so I looked up the name online and all I found was an obituary in Madison. The address was at the estate sale that I went to and found this statue.

He apparently died in January of this year I'm like, oh my god he made this? So I did an image search of the statue online there are actually tons of these out there. Now I'm thinking, did he make all of these? No, he did not.

This statue is apparently was a home kit. It's a thing called a Byron mold. You could just get one that wasn't painted and paint it yourself. It was like a thing in the late 70s early 80s. But if that’s the case, how did he carve his name on the bottom?

This one is called the Pandora witch. If you look close, she's wearing a skirt and inside of the skirt is a black cat. So I don't know what that's all about? That's weird.

I thought since this whole thing is a Halloween theme and this is from a guys house that actually passed away and I bought it kinda adds to this.

And those are all the things that I had that I wanted to talk about this week

That's all I got.

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