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A day of retro items, drawing comics & getting coffee - Tom Ray's vlog

This is a vlog I started about how I'm running my own business from home. Spent the day packaging some stuff I'm gonna send out. But, the day I started recording this the world had just begun to change as I found out when I tried to get a coffee. 

You can visit my eBay store to check out all my retro items from the 1960s - 1990s

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Lying on the sidewalk.

They were still doing it when we drove by in our car.

Comic book concept page - Roger and the Monster.

Roger and the Monster concept comic page artwork I've had this concept for a comic for a while now. The easiest way to describe it is it's about a monster that is being haunted by humans. The whole thing is in the style of those old four-color Gold Key comics from the 70s. Roger is the name of the human character that messes with him in the comic and the monster doesn't have a name. I did an animation with the monster from the comic a while back called "Chipmunk" when I first thought of the concept. The design of the monster has changed slightly since I made this cartoon. But this concept is one that I keep revisiting. Maybe I'll do something with it someday? I just haven't really been able to think of a full story yet.

Storage garage.

Luckily the storage garage is only a block away.