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Accidentally posted vintage records as media mail & a trip to the shed - Tom Ray's Day 200520

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A look at my day, running my own business at home selling vintage pop-culture items from the 50s through the 90s on eBay.

I start out listening to the old-time radio show CBS Radio Mystery Theater as I look at the things I sold overnight. 

Then packing and listing more things to sell. All to support my art and music projects! 

Check out my eBay store - 

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Bonus Episode: Tom Ray on the WFMU Radio Free Culture Podcast - S06E16 Tom Ray's Art Podcast

From 2010 - 2018 I used to do a show about creative commons and free culture music with a guy named Doug Whitfield called Music Manumit.

Years ago we were interviewed on the WFMU podcast Radio Free Culture with Cheyenne Hohman. I found this episode the other day and thought it would be interesting because I talk about my support of creative commons for art and music.

Old WFMU podcast interview.

They released it as two episodes. I'm gonna combine it into one. And it was from a few years ago so a lot of the music services I talk about don't exist anymore so I need to take those sections out too.


This went on for about five minutes. So technically if you buy a box they are individually wrapped. But I was thinking about the ones you would just buy to eat which have always been as a pair.